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  • that nigga

    Why, just why? We as black people just don’t get it yet. I am a fan of Meeks but you haven’t dropped an album yet. Stash that bread, man!!!

  • 804boy

    I feel you he should stash that bread, but hey I guess he’s riding round and getting it lol. I hope he paid cash though, I would hate to see it get repossed like Jermaine Dupri’s lambo lol

  • alderman j

    just a young nigga having thangs!!!DONT HATE GET YOU ONE!!!

  • bread

    Yo everybody go on youtube to ebonic20 yall….meek mill challenge, ebonic20

  • doesn’t matter

    These cats will never learn. These images are so calculated. FIRST thing SOME young black men will do is turn around a give their money right back to someone else on something that truly has NO value.

    This is sad.