[Editor's Note: XXL followed Mac Miller on the first two stops of his 70-city Blue Slide Park Tour. Here are some outtakes that didn't make the magazine.]


XXL: You've gotten a lot of big looks, from appearing on VH1's Single Ladies to Maroon 5's "Moves Like Jagger (Remix)" to Donald Trump bigging up your song. How are you able to get these mainstream looks as an independent artist?

Mac Miller: I think people just think I'm cute. [Laughs] Sike. The Single Ladies happened cause my videos get crazy views [online] and they just watched them and saw I'm a character and they thought, "Yeah, that would be ill to have him on the show." They hit us up and I was like, "Yeah, I would do that. [It] would be funny as hell. Maroon 5 happened because I think people just like good music I think Maroon 5 just fucks with me because Maroon 5 is like gravy. Whether they got me or Wayne on that record, that record is good. No. 1 and will be up there still. So they don’t need some remix to boost their record. You know how some people use the remix to really boost the record. I think for them some people see that I'm a kid that’s trying to do it with my family and they wanna look out like that. Maroon 5 knows that’s crazy for me. I hit [Adam Levine] up thanking him 'cause I didn’t even talk to him before I did the record but after I did it I hit him up being like, "Thank you. I know you didn’t have to do that.  I appreciate you for that look you just did for me." He hit me back like, "Nah, thank you, bro. That shit you did was ill. We all love it." The Donald Trump shit was like Donald doesn’t care if you're independent or signed to a major. He doesn’t give a fuck. All he knows is that 26 million people watched something called "Donald Trump" and he was like, "I'm the coolest dude right now."

Did you talk to him behind the scenes?

Nah, man. I was fucking pissed. He didn’t follow me on Twitter, man. I tweeted him and I was like, "Bro, 'let me and my homies come through [the] Trump Towers. Let's party! I wanna go to the jet. What's good? and no response.

Did you start getting labeled frat rap because of "Frick Park Market?"

I just make fun music and people in college like to have fun. I've been to college parties I hear what they play and they play Gucci too. Is Gucci frat rap? I don’t wanna say what I wanna say, but it's strictly because of that. I came out spitting on "Kool Aid and Frozen Pizza" on a Lord Finesse beat on some classic hip-hop shit, bars, no hook. Two things the haters said was that I was frat rap and I sounded like Wiz.

I don’t think you really get it until you realize I put out four mixtapes arguably five with K.I.D.S. that are just straight hip-hop, period. Through and through, no party jams just straight hip-hop shit. So, to think that my foundation is party jams? No. But to think I'm gonna sit there and just become a dude that only raps and doesn’t explore all the incredible places you can go... I wanna touch everybody. Look, me and you, we like listening to someone just rip a verse. That’s what I love. I like listening to dudes that spit 40 bars and just go in. I can spit 40 bars if I want to, but you know I also like listening to The Beatles. You know who else I like listening to? Is fucking Maroon 5, is fucking Jack Johnson is fucking G-Love. I like popular music. I like music that touches everyone. And so for me, to tell me that I can't make that is fucked up for you to say. It's fucked up for you to be like, "Aww man, you make party music and then instantly be like, "Haha, we got him. We can make him in this frat rap category." But call me frat rap around my... see what happens, bro! [Laughs]

I think historically there's never been room for two white rappers at the same time.

Yea, well you know why I think that it's different cause you have Em right, and he has been through some shit right. His story is not only the best in rap, but in life, like where he came from to what he had to do to get the respect. He wasn’t in it to do all this crazy music shit. He battled his way to the top. And that shit is ill. But the reason I'm different and I'm me is because I'm just some happy ass dude that why would you have a problem with? Em will come at your neck. I'll just sit here and laugh at you. I don’t have any problems with anyone. People have problems with me that’s cool but I'ma just be chilling.

Here's the thing, Mac. Even though you're independent you're on the cusp. You have the potential to become a mainstream superstar. Can two white rap superstars co-exist?

My music is just some feel good music man whether it's some hip-hop shit or it's me rapping and singing over some guitar shit. It's just some feel good music and that's what I make. I put smiles on peoples faces and they have a good time and to be real I guarantee you that’s not the case. I don’t care if it happens like I'm a mainstream superstar or I just stay where I'm at right now forever, but it's like, dude, I'm not going anywhere period. I work too hard to let anything slip away, the slightest opportunity. I'm on my job like crazy.