Love & Hip-Hop Battle Royale [Poll]

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    <i>Love & Hip-Hop</i> Battle Royale [Poll]
    <i>XXL</i> is obsessed with <i>Love & Hip-Hop</i>, the VH1 reality show that follows around Jim Jones, Juelz Santana and Fabolous’ wifeys along with a handful of other video vixens from the rap industry in their daily lives. The best part of the show though, besides the hilarious cameos from Jimmy’s mother, Mama Jones, are the catfights. Throughout two seasons, viewers were privileged to see Jones’s fiancé, Chrissy throwdown with the best of ’em, whether using her fists or her gift of gab. In season one she faced off with Miss Jones, Somaya Rece and the former model turned MC’s manager and in two she has bumped heads with Juelz’s baby mom, Kimbella (coldcocking her in the face with her fist), and almost got physical with the Capo’s ex-manager, Yandie Smith. Let’s be real Chrissy is arguably the ultimate ride or die chick, but the question is out, if she was to knuckle up with some of the other characters in the show, would she be victorious?<p>Here’s how this goes, <i>XXL</i> will provide the scenarios and you provide the answer. Let’s get ready to rumble! —<a href="" target="_blank">@XXLStaff</a></p>
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    Chrissy Vs. Olivia
    In the latest episode, Chrissy gives the former princess of G-Unit an ultimatum: either Olivia gets on her side, in her beef with Yandie, or she gets tossed to the curb. <i>XXL</i>’s money’s on Chrissy if these two ever shot the fair one.
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    Chrissy Vs. Rich Dollaz
    If Chris was to hypothetically fight Olivia, that means she would also be going against Mr. Dollaz. He might be tall and extrememly passionate about his artist, but <i>XXL</i> isn’t sure if he has the cajones to get in the ring with Chrissy.
  • chrissy-somaya-gallery
    Chrissy Vs. Somaya
    These two already exchanged words in the past but they never actually got into a physical altercation. While Chrissy undoubtedly won the war against Somaya’s manager, Reece def has the advantage in this one. Thoughts?
  • chrissy-fabolous-gallery
    Chrissy Vs. Fabolous
    Don’t mess with Chrissy’s <i>pud</i>, Emily. You saw what happened to Kimbella. That includes you Fab. <i>XXL</i> thinks Chris could take him in a fight, any day.
  • chrissy-jones-gallery
    Chrissy Vs. Jim Jones
    As of right now it looks like this one is a draw. Both are wearing expensive engagement ring and both are smiling for now, But if it was to go down…what do ya think?

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