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  • Rap92

    Rick Ross Really Did His Thing On This Mixtape, Shout To All The MMG Squad, We The Best! This Tape Is Another #Classic Heat You Need For The Street. GO & COP IT! Ride For Real Hood Hip Hop, Let’s Put The City On The Back!

  • RB

    Classic material on this mixtape.


  • Josh

    He’s still fake tho . . .


      Crooked officer…. crooked officer……

  • atown don

    Josh man you would kill yo own mama to trade places wit this cat & u know it… Stoooooop the Hatin in 2012!!

  • @ItsPlayboyNick

    Dope Tape, As Expected. Salute To MMG

  • joey4100


  • chris

    I agree with josh…niggas embrace lies but cant stand the fuckin truth..and thats why the game is fucked right now. 50 blew this niggas cover HAHAHA ross will never add up to jay, ye, 50, jeezy and em

    • PoloFRESH

      HUH? 50 didnt do shit to ross.we all know who won that beef and it wasnt 50,and 50 is a snitch(which has been proven) and jeezy is a fucking coward,i dont know about you about you,but i rather be a co,than a snitch and a coward,im not gna knock a nigga for being a co at 18 and only doing it for a year,but i cant respect a nigga,that sent his niggas to fight his own battle,and 1 of his niggas end up getting killed,and he didnt do shit,that’s a sucka move


        Beef? it wasnt a beef it was the truth gettin put out there, police cant be rappers it just dont mix. 50 a snitch? Yeah right quit feedin in to the lies that little Jeffrey spread to try to bring 50 down.There is no proof at all.And you like ross but ross talks all this mafia shit, who do you think sends goons to do work for them? real mafia figures. a rich rapper isnt goin to get his hands dirty on petty shit . Hipocrites I swear. Yhe only suckas are the ones lining this fake ass frauds pockets buyin this garbage that he tries to pass off as music.Ross= Biggest actor in the game.

        • PoloFRESH

          Gucci murked jezzy home boy,and jezzy didnt do shit,how real is that? and this was in 05 jezzy wasnt rich lol, he was still talking about he be in the trap and all that bs and he’s a real nigga,if your such a real nigga why send 3 dudes to get 1 nigga,if he was a real nigga he would resolved it him self,he didnt even have to go the gunplay route,he could of talk to the nigga and squash it,if i got a 1 on 1 beef with some one ima handle it myself,fuck that coward shit,i can understand if he had diddy money,fuck i cant understand it,cause there still no excuse. And it cant be a lie if theres court order documented proof,but i guess placing restraining orders on niggas is considered real right LMAO


            Falsified documents hahahaah catch up on some real shit. You really eatin the shit these fakes feedin you. When some one gets in a fight and the police are called and order of protection gets filed by the police with or with out your permisssion. Even though a lot of people dont like 50 there is a lot of people who rode for 50 from his hood claimin 50 is a real ass dude and wouldnt pull some snitch shit. Ja Rule is a bitch just like ross and you buyin into that shit.

            @jon doe
            He lies in his music because he tries to prtray somethin he is not.And act like he is this big drug dealer named rick ross. he is a fraud wake the fuck up people.

  • http://n/a jondoe

    man just because he was a C.O. that dont mean he lying in his music….I know niggas working at walmart selling dope & toting guns in their personal life lol real talk though, but whether he did or didnt it shouldnt matter so much anyway to your life. Im from the hood and all the OG niggas listen to either Ross, Jeezy, or some underground nigga from the city


    vanila ice would kill all dem niggers

    • George Washington

      tat be the real talk homie. You kno the gam lost when vanilla iced be the best rapper alive.

  • chris

    and you fuck niggas need to die slow…50 took 9 bullets and had the most classic album of the last decade what has ross had?? I dont give a shit what yall say your boss rozay is a fugazi that means fraud in Italian yall probally think he killed John Gotti too…bunch of dumb asses how can yall listen to these lies over a beat? legends live forever and fakes will never be respected..yall probally think lebron is better than michael jordan…dumb fucks hip hop has lost its heart and art pretty soon prison is gonna be a college and yall niggas will graduate cum laude..

    • MrWyles

      thank you for pointing this out sir. really i can’t thank u enough fuck this bitch of a rapper and im glad someone with common sense is around

  • LolledOut

    2 say ross one over fifty is just BS.

    50 crushed ROSS, even GAME said “50′s eatin you boy”.
    He fucked ross wife, made ross wife put out a book about how much of a fraud ROSS is.

    So 2 say 50 didnt win is bullshit and i think everyone knows it.

    As for RICH Forever, it’s an alright tape,
    Id say best tapes in 2012 is, 1. lloyd banks cold corner 2, 2. 50 cent – the big 10, 3. Rich forever.


  • geezy

    Hahaha Rick Ross looks like Kamala from the late 90′s WWF

  • StaYKillER

    I checked out this mixtape, and here’s the thing..I’ve never been all into Rick Ross the way other ppl are.I dont care about his history as a c.o….he’s a good entertaining artist…50 cent…lets face it..ONCE HE GOT RICH HE QUIT TRYIN hahaha…no but seriously…albums like Curtis, and the mixtapes/singles he’s put out have been sub-par…he literally hasnt dropped anything hard. This mixtape from rick ross went harder than 50 cents shyt…hell G-unit has pretty much been disbanded and untill 50 makes music ppl wanna buy again….he’s jus flushin money away…but when u have money ot do that with well shyt