Five Justifiable Reasons for Getting Stabbed in an Argument Over Jay-Z & Beyoncé

Some people take their love of hip-hop too far. Earlier this week, news broke that a man was stabbed for not knowing that Beyoncé is married to Jay-Z. That’s right, you can’t make this stuff up.

Cleveland’s Fox 8 reports that a 48-year-old man from Garfield Heights, Ohio, was knifed by another man, Ronald Deaver, 31, simply for not being on top of his Jayoncé knowledge.

In light of the bizarre occurrence, XXL came up with a list of five justifiable reasons for getting stabbed in an argument about Hov. To be clear, XXL does not condone shanking anyone, but if anyone believes any of the comments below, they might need to get sliced. Jigga what? —Gina Montana

Proclaiming that the Blueprint 2 is better than Blueprint 1.

Saying Jay-Z isn’t from Brooklyn (but from Trenton, NJ, ’cause he used to hustle there).

Believing you could steal Beyoncé from Jay, like Brian Pumper.

Thinking that Kanye West had a better verse than Jay-Z on “Diamonds Are Forever (Remix).”

Calling “Hollywood” a superior Jay/Beyoncé collabo over “Crazy In Love” or “Upgrade U.”

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  • that nigga

    This is utterly dumb.

    • this nigga

      just think somebody got paid for writing that article

    • the

      taura hako wangu. ndoshit manje iyi!!!!!!!!

  • Mr. West

    Gina Montana, eat uh dick. The person that gave you the green light can choke on one


    THIS SHIT IS FUCKIN HILARIOUS.. and couldnt be more true.
    “Hollywood” and “Anything” made “Kingdom Come”s value go down. Rest of the album was great however. FUCK HATERS! I want a part 2.