Common Contradictions?


Does Common want to kick Drake's behind or does he want to squash the the beef? It's been hard to tell since the Chi-town MC dropped "Sweet," which took subliminal swipes at Drake. Since doing that, Com has either been super aggressive towards the Young Money star or fallen back completely. XXL tried to chronicle all of it here. Common Contradictions? Hmm...

Common drops subliminals toward Drake on "Sweet"


At the end of "Sweet," Com aimed these lines at Drizzy, but never mentioned his name: "Yeah, man, Y’all niggas man, you soft muthafuckas/Yeah my man, muthafucka/Then come around my crib/You know where I’m from/Some hoe ass niggas/Singing all around me man, la la la/You ain't muthafucking Frank Sinatra/Uh, lil' bitch/Yeah, this the raw right here/This the raw right here nigga/Sweet muthafucka/ Sweet ass bitch muthafucka"

Common tells Sway that "Sweet" is indeed aimed at Drake


In an interview with Sway, Com got off the subliminal tip and confirmed that "Sweet" is about Drake. "Hey, he opened his mouth and said some things. So if he wants it, that’s what he wants."

Common drops "Stay Schemin (Remix)" directly calling Drake out


After Drake dropped "Stay Schemin," undoubtedly dissing Com (although ironically, never mentioning his name), Common tacked his own verse onto the beat rhyming: “Don’t do it ’cause every song you make is really hoe music/I heard you say you wasn’t a bitch cause you sing, you a bitch cause you clean like a bitch that’s 18/ Can’t say my name but rap about a nigga’s wife/you so Black and White trying to live a nigga’s life/I’m taking too long with this amateur guy, you ain’t wettin’ nobody, nigga, you Canada Dry.”

Common tells Rolling Stone he likes Drake's music


Earlier this week, Common tried to play nice, telling Rolling Stone that he likes Drake's music: "I think he makes good music," the Chi-town MC said of Drizzy. "He's definitely said some real clever things and made some cool songs. I like his music." Hmmm.

Common says he would physically fight Drake


Right after the interview with RS Com called into WCGI's Tony Sculfield and The Morning Riot. When asked if he'd be willing to put on boxing gloves and fight Drake for charity, Com replied, "I'll do it without boxing gloves." Didn't he tell Sway he wanted to keep it on wax?