Talib Kweli is a hip-hop junkie, but when it comes to football, he's not exactly a fanatic. So while many die-hards were watching The New York Giants compete in the NFC Divisional Championship game against the San Francisco 49ers last night (January 22), Talib took his daughter to see the movie Red Tails. He couldn't understand why the theater was so empty, then he realized the George Lucas production was going against the NFL's second most important Sunday. It turns out, the classic clash on the gridiron had a deeper effect on his night than he bargained for.

As Told to Shaheem Reid (@shaheemreid)

Last night, true story, I was trying to catch a cab. I was calling Evelyn [Cab company]... You know, you from Brooklyn, you call Evelyn or Arecibo [car service]. I walked to the cab stand at Arecibo. The cab driver calls in excited about the Giants winning. This is how I knew they won. He's like, "Yo, the game was great." I was like, "Listen, are you gonna take me?" He said, "Yeah. My cousin is in the car. "Is that OK?" Really, it wasn't, but I had been trying to catch a cab for a half hour, so I was like, "Whatever, man." I have to get to the city."

So I get in the car, the driver is on the phone gushing about his fuckin' Giants winning. He pulls out of the parking spot and hits a biker. The biker goes flying across the street. [The cab driver] gets out of the car and starts arguing. So I had to catch another cab. I was a half hour late to my event all because the fuckin' Giants won against the 49ers.

So I'm mad at them. Lol. No. I'm not mad. And the biker was OK. So the Super Bowl is set? This is why everyone was going crazy yesterday? What's my prediction for the Super Bowl? The Giants have a good shot. This guy Eli Manning, even though I don't know a lot about him, he seems to have stepped his game up recently. He seems to have people very excited. So good for him.