[Editor's Note: E-40 is a Bay Area King Ambassador and one of the biggest San Fransisco 49er fans in the world. This past Sunday (January 22, 40 and his team was defeated but not destroyed. The legendary MC stayed upbeat and optimistic despite missing a chance to go to this year’s Super Bowl with a 20-17 overtime loss against the New York Giants. A little after the match up, 40 water conveyed his thoughts of the game to XXL.]

I’m in this traffic, it’s lookin’ like we’ll be here for hours and hours I‘m leaving the Niner game. People talk about the Niners/Giants playoff rivalry, but shit, it didn’t matter who we were playing. We was just happy to make it this far. We had a successful year. We’re grateful for having a successful year. We have the same team exact team from last year. Ninety seven percent of the team was the same for the last five, six years, ya smell me? Our coach came through and he showed up. It was a tough loss but we’ll get back at 'em next year. I can’t complain. I just want to encourage all the players to keep the faith, play strong like they did all year. You had a great season. Some people don’t even get near that thang. [We were] a play or two away from being in the Super Bowl. And we ain’t never went to the big dance and tripped over our pants. So if we would have went to the big dance, we definitely would have had other plans. Hello!

I was in the stadium. It was a lot of energy. It was electrifying to the last play. Even to the last field goal, we were hoping he would miss the field goal. We were swinging our 49ers towels in the air, keeping our faith. But you know, you win some, you lose some. They say “the thrill of victory and agony of defeat.” We felt the agony of defeat. But you can get the thrill of victory too. It’ll come soon. We showed up, though. We did our job. I’m not gonna sit up there and piss a bitch and say “fuck New York” or “fuck the Giants.” It was there. They did their thing. It was any team’s game. It was there. We went into overtime. We both played. It wasn’t like they just ran us over. We didn’t run them over. —E-40