Cash Money has added a new member to the growing roster.

Fresh off being American Idol's season six contestant, Chris Richardson is now an official member to Young Money/Cash Money Records.

In a PSA released earlier today (January 9), Birdman announced the signing of the singer-songwriter who recently provided the hook for Tyga's summer hit, "Far Away."

"You might have saw him, he started off the way we recognized his talent, on American Idol," Birdman revealed. "Somebody who knew him, knew us and Josh connected us. That’s how this started, us watching his talent on TV.”

Richardson has plans of releasing his YMCMB debut album in May and recently dropped the video for his current single, "In the Name of Love."

“Being part of this team, I’m really family-oriented so just having the camaraderie of everyone in this label is just something so special," Anderson explained in the PSA announcement. "I can’t even explain it. But it definitely is inspiring. I’m so inspired to all my label mates, everybody here are still here doing the same thing.” —Ralph Bristout