Mama Said Knock You Out: Five Better Grammys Hosts Than LL Cool J


As reported yesterday, LL Cool J will be hosting this year's 54th Annual Grammy ceremony and while XXL congratulates the hip-hop icon, the staff couldn't help but think one thing; why? Let's be real, as a two-time Grammy winner (one in 1992 and the other in 1997 for "Best Solo Rap Performance"), LL isn't exactly the most relevant choice.

The funny thing is, some of Cool James' competition in those categories back in the '90s, might have actually been better candidates, or at least more entertaining. XXLMag.com got the names of those prior nominees and envisioned what it would have been like if they hosted this year's event. That's right folks, the possibilities are endless. —XXL Staff (@XXLStaff)

MC Hammer


With MC Hammer as host, the dance moves will make for one interesting night. Question is, would he diss Jay?



Queensbridge will be on deck during the Grammys with Nas as host. Expect an appearance from Jungle and a few rants from God's Son, "Gimme a Grammy! Competition is dead just like Sammy..."

Ice T


There's just no telling what the New Jack Hustler would do if held hosting duties. One things for sure, FCC will be in full effect for the night..."Bitch."


Busta Rhymes


With Busta as host, one has to wonder just how would his entrance be. Would he come in rah-rah roaring "like a dungeon dragon" or "Woo Hah!" the audience in check. Either way would it would be one hell of a night.