He does it for the love, and most importantly for the people. What Young Jeezy’s been able to accomplish with his celebrated Thug Motivation series is nothing short of impressive. From Let’s Get It, The Inspiration, and the newly released Hustlaz Ambition he’s managed to motivate his audience in a fashion that most MCs have yet to fully grasp. Through his signature raw and uncut approach at walking listeners through life’s ghettos, Mr. 17.5 solidified his stance as, “Your favorite rapper’s favorite rapper/Favorite trapper's favorite trapper.”

Taking a close look at the series, XXLMag.com wanted to properly celebrate Jeezy’s TM103: Hustlaz Ambition release with a special award ceremony celebrating the entire trilogy. So without furher ado, XXL poudly presents, The Thug MotivationAwards. Let’s Get It! —Ralph Bristout @RalphieBlackmon