XXL Predicts Common & Young Jeezy’s First Week Sales

Common and Young Jeezy both dropped albums Tuesday (December 20) and each project has had its own respective buzz leading up to the release.

Common’s The Dreamer/The Believer has been all the chatter this week for its “Sweet” track, which Com admitted yesterday via the radio airwaves and during an interview on BET’s 106 & Park is about Drake.

“He opened his mouth and said some things,” Common told host Sway during his Shade 45 Sirius morning show when asked about his beef with Drake. “If that’s what he want. All that subliminal, we can do that too. But you might as well say that now.”

After numerous delays, fans and critics alike are just excited to finally take a listen to Jeezy’s TM: 103 Hustlerz Ambition. The Jay-Z and Andre 3000-assisted “I Do” is a fan-favorite single already.

“I grew up watchin’ these cats,” Jizzle told XXLMag.com about working with Hov and 3 Stacks last month, “[so] to align myself with them to have a great record, to me, was showing that, ‘OK I’m here to stay.’ I get it. Of course trap music is what I do but now the world is my trap so this is how we’re gonna feed ’em and show ’em I’m a boss. I’ma boss up. I’ma surround myself with some people that are legends ’cause that’s only gonna mean one thing, that when it’s all said and done, I’m gonna be a legend as well.”

TM:103 also got an XL rating. Now, the XXL staff weighs in with their projections.

Vanessa Satten – Common: 127,000, Jeezy: 159,000

Jayson Rodriguez – Common: 75,000, Jeezy: 215,000

Carl Chery – Common: 110,000, Jeezy: 125,000

Adam Fleischer – Common: 124,000, Jeezy: 187,000

Amber McKynzie – Common: 207,000, Jeezy: 314,000

Jesse Gissen – Common: 95,000, Jeezy: 110,000

Mark Lelinwalla – Common: 90,000, Jeezy: 225,000

Samtubia Edwards – Common: 115,000, Jeezy: 226,000

Mariel Concepcion – Common: 97,000, Jeezy: 220,000

Ralph Bristout – Common: 80,000, Jeezy: 200,000

Shaheem Reid – Common: 85,000, Jeezy: 275,000

Give your predictions in the comments section.

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  • valdir rosario

    You guys are a little off with those projections…

    Jeezy received crazy marketing with this album. He has been on late night shows, documentaries, he is every where. I think this is more marketing than watch the throne or the carter 4 got.

    I putting Jeezy first week at 400,000. I believe he will be DP in 30 days.
    Common who? The guy that is trying to sell albums by making beef with Drake? The hottest artist out right now? I put him at 75,000.

    • sho

      u must be retarded if u don’t know who Common is and if u think he’s “beefing” with Drake to sell records. Kill yourself, u are not a hip hop fan. Jeezy will sell no more than 200,000 records first week

    • karne

      Common is beefing with Drake to sell records????

      you are an idiot…..get a life!!

  • valdir rosario

    If lose your mind and ballin’ had come out at the start of this month instead of like 2 years ago this album would be better than the Carter 4. This album is really good. Best since 101. and 101 was a classic. FAKE M********* Envy

  • Leggo

    seriously xxl? yall niggas FELL OFF. 200k the first week??? in what world? he’s had NO hits. no radio/internet buzz. and his fanbase isnt strong enough to do those numbers. yall seriously need to fire every hip hop ‘analyst’ you guys have over there. xxl can blow my big fat cock.
    that is all

    • http://fuckyourmom.com WAVEDON

      listen dumbass you have no idea what hip hop is young jeezy is prolly fucking ya mom and grandma at the same time currently while rocking ya grandfathers dusty skull on his neck

    • Makaveli

      If you would be talking about Jeezy you would be all wrong!!! He has done it and even more than this!!!
      But if you were talkin about Common I agree with you but he deserved more, it’s actually the best album of 2011 after TM103 much better than carter 4 and take care

  • MK

    Common aint trying to sell his CD off of Drake. Drake’s just the one who got offended and starting running his mouth…throwing fits on stage like a real loser. Weezy’s biggest hit How to Love was him singing, why didn’t he get mad? The shoe happen to fit Drake that’s why.

    Common has always been about the culture & has spoken up about what he doesn’t like in hip hop before. This aint nothing new. And he never does big #s so I highly doubt he’s expecting that.

    Common will prolly sell 60-70K and Yeezy 200K.

  • MK

    ^^ typo I meant Jeezy, obviously

  • http://dssence.net D.Scott

    I think both will do about 125-150K with Common maybe selling a few more. We’ll see, though

  • RatedR357

    Common 125 and Jeezy 250. People forget that Common can flow. That first single is a beast. Jeezy got 2 outta the top 5 rappin now to be with him on a track. He knew what he was doing.

  • Clement

    all you at xxl are wack, you guys don’t even know hiphop if you honestly think jeezy’s gonna do better than common, fuck trap music.

    • dell

      how can u hate jeezy?

    • Makaveli

      He has done it :p he is the best

  • ride

    i think jeezy will sell 500,000.

  • PAuSE

    Common – 105,000
    Jeezy – 160,000

  • http://twitter.com DreDaDon16

    Common go sell like 80,000- 95,000

    Jeezy go sell 200,000- 320,000

    Im listening to jeezy album now and it not that good it sound like a mixtape with radio songs on it

  • Tru Talk

    do these “experts” watch sales at all??? lol Common will do 60K and Jeezy willl do 110K lol

  • ff1one@yahoo.com

    Common 84,000
    Jeezy301K-Jeezy has a strong fanbase and that I do joint is on point.

    I hate ignornat hip hop fans. Common did not release this song for drake. drake heard the song and was offended. The interview explains common perspecitve. Common said the song was about Common. ‘Common said he was talkin on the hook and it was not intended for anybody but drake took offense. common said drake is talented but if drake wants to get into the battle ring he ain’t gonna back down. common said this is about who the dopest mc. and he ain’t scared.

    wayne sings kayne sings. people could specualte that the song is about kayne based on the singing kayne sweetness and the fact that this album was not released on the Good muisc imprint. nah, drake the only person responded and pretty muched admitted to being sweet.

  • valdir rosario

    To SHo…..

    You calling me out a bout hip hop? Dude your crazy. And since i can sense I’m smarter than you i’m not even going to prove myself….Just pay attention to the sale numbers though….And whats your real name? is it ron? are you from tucson? Drive a black Yukon?

    Frank White

  • LILR

    Are u crazy stupid men its obiously common is one of the best rappers alive idiots fools he must sell like 120,000 units in the first week i just sayiin!!
    Jeezy – 85,000
    Common – 120,000

  • Jeezysquad

    jeexy all day fuck slim dunkin dirty ass

  • stoley eisenhower

    people hating on trap music are nerds n chumps.

  • thebosshimself

    Rap music don’t sell anymore!!