XXL Looks Back at the Milestones of 2011

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    <em>XXL</em> Looks Back at the Milestones of 2011
    Hip-hop's come a long way. Considered at a fad for years—even as rappers began winning Grammys in the late '80s—the genre has produced a number of legends. This year, many of those revered MCs, from Run-D.M.C. to Nas to Geto Boys to 2 Live Crew, celebrated anniversaries of classic albums. <em>XXL</em> looks back at some of the important albums that reached milestones in 2011.—<em>XXL Staff</em>
  • 7efed92afb90486f950dd57d44c3e86d
    Run-D.M.C., <em>Raising Hell</em> (1986)
    <strong>Release Date:</strong> July 18, 1986<br />This legendary Queens trio elevated to superstardom with the release of their third album. Featuring tracks like "It's Tricky," "Walk This Way" and "My Addidas," the LP sold three million copies.
  • 510QtjmYvML._SL500_AA300_
    2 Live Crew, <em>The 2 Live Crew Is What We Are</em> (1986)
    <strong>Release Date:</strong> July 25, 1986<br />Uncle Luke and company made their entrance on the hip-hop scene 25 years ago. The gold-selling album set the tone for the crew' raunchy ways.
  • Whodini - BackIn Black (1986)
    Whodini, <em>Back in Black</em> (1986)
    <strong>Release Date:</strong> October 25, 1986<br />The third LP from Brooklyn outfit Whodini, <em>Back in Black</em> hit stores 25 years ago. Featuring songs like "Funky Beat," "Growing Up" and "One Love," the album was certified gold.
  • r3396411192463061sh7
    Doug E. Fresh & The Get Fresh Crew, <em>Oh, My God!</em> (1986)
    <strong>Release Date:</strong> July 7, 1986<br />Doug E. Fresh's debut LP didn't make much of a dent on the charts 25 years ago, but it's still remembered for classics like "The Show" and "Play This Only at Night."
  • tumblr_l9ua90M1221qddi36o1_cover
    Beastie Boys, <em>License to Ill</em> (1986)
    <strong>Release Date:</strong> November 15, 1986<br />This legendary Brooklyn group shot up to superstardom with this historic release. Featuring classic songs like "Paul Revere," "No Sleep Til Brooklyn" and "Fight for Your Right," the album was the first hip-hop release to top the <em>Billboard</em> 200 and sold 9 million units domestically.
  • salt
    Salt-n-Pepa, <em>Hot Cool& Vicious</em> (1986)
    <strong>Release Date:</strong> December 8, 1986<br />This femcee trio burst onto the scene with their debut 25 years ago. Lead by the raunchy "Push It," the LP struck platinum.
  • afrikaBambaataa-1
    Afrika Bambaataa & The Soulsonic Force, <em>Planet Rock: The Album</em> (1986)
    <strong>Release Date:</strong> December 1, 1986<br />Afrika Bambaataa released an EP featuring the legendary "Planet Rock" 25 years ago. The project also included appearances by Melle Mel.
  • gang-starr-step-in-the-arena-540x535
    Gang Starr, <em>Step in the Arena</em> (1991)
    <strong>Release Date:</strong> January 15, 1991<br />Gang Starr released their sophomore effort 20 years ago. The album featured timeless songs like "Who's Gonna Take the Weight" and "Just to Get a Rep."
  • N.W.A.
    N.W.A, <em>Niggaz4Life</em> (1991)
    <strong>Release Date:</strong> May 28, 1991<br />The first full length released post Ice Cube's departure from the group, <em>Niggaz4Life</em> still went platinum. The album featured songs like "Appetite for Destruction" and "Alwayz Into Something," among others.
  • de_la_soul_is_dead
    De La Soul, <em>De La Soul Is Dead</em> (1991)
    <strong>Release Date:</strong> May 13, 1991<br />De La released the second of their back to back classics 20 years ago. The LP was an attempt at distancing themselves from the hippy tagged they earned with their debut, <em>3 Feet High and Rising</em>. The album featured singles like "A Rolling Skating Jam Named 'Saturdays'" and "Ring Ring Ring (Ha Ha Hey)" and was certified gold.
  • 1942114_f520
    Geto Boys, <em>We Can't Be Stopped</em> (1991)
    <strong>Release Date:</strong> July 1, 1991<br />After going unnoticed for several releases, Geto Boys finally found platinum success with their fourth album 20 years ago. The album featured the classic single, "Mind Playing Tricks on Me."
  • e90200
    Main Source, <em>Breaking Atoms</em> (1991)
    <strong>Release Date:</strong> July 23, 1991<br />This Extra P-helmed collective dropped their debut 20 years ago. In addition to the hit, "Lookin' At the Front Door," the album featured "Live At the Barbecue"—the song that introduced the world to Nasty Nas.
  • 61jzXhriDGL._SS500_[1]
    DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince, <em>Homebase</em> (1991)
    <strong>Release Date:</strong> July 20, 1991<br />This Philly duo dropped their fourth album 20 years ago. Featuring hits like "Ring My Bell" and "Summertime," the LP was certified platinum.
  • tribe
    A Tribe Called Quest, <em>The Low End Theory</em> (1991)
    <strong>Release Date:</strong> September 24, 1991<br />Tribe's sophomore album paved the way for hip-hop and jazz fusion 20 years ago. The timeless offering featured songs like "Check the Rhime" and the hard-hitting "Scenario" featuring Leaders of the New School. The album went platinum.
  • 1295346816_scarface-mr.-scarface-is-back-1991_www.frurap.ru
    Scarface, <em>Mr. Scarface is Back</em> (1991)
    <strong>Release Date:</strong> October 3, 1991<br />Capitalizing off the success of Geto Boys's first platinum LP, Scarface released his first solo album. The album went gold.
  • 731452347923
    Public Enemy, <em>Apocalypse Now... The Enemy Strikes Back</em> (1991)
    <strong>Release Date:</strong> October 3, 1991<br />PE dropped their fourth album 20 years ago. Lead by singles like "Bring the Noise" and "Shut 'Em Down," the LP went platinum.
  • artworks-000001380790-bkq8fz-crop
    Black Sheep, <em>A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing</em> (1991)
    <strong>Release Date:</strong> October 22, 1991<br />This Queens/Brooklyn duo dropped their gold-selling debut 20 years ago. The album featured "Flavor of the Month" and the smash hit, "The Choice Is Yours."
  • icecube
    Ice Cube, <em>Death Certificate</em> (1991)
    <strong>Release Date:</strong> October 29, 1991<br />Cube continued his platinum ways with the release of his sophomore album 20 years ago. The album featured "Steady Mobbin'" and the scathing N.W.A. and Jerry Heller diss, "No Vasoline."
  • 485650-2pac-2pacalypse-now
    <strong>Release Date:</strong> November 12, 1991<br />'Pac dropped his debut album 20 years ago. Featuring classics like "Brenda's Got a Baby" and "If My Homies Call," the album went gold.
  • tumblr_lp2jni8pWy1qmz111_1311898928_cover
    The Fugees, <em>The Score</em> (1996)
    <strong>Release Date:</strong> February 13, 1996<br />The Fugees took the hip-hop and pop worlds by storm with their sophomore effort 15 years ago. With hits like "Fu-Gee-La," "Killing Me Softly" and "Ready or Not," the LP sold 17 million copies worldwide and made superstars out of Lauryn Hill and Wyclef Jean.
  • 48d2c060ada060210b72a110.L
    2Pac, <em>All Eyez on Me</em> (1996)
    <strong>Release Date:</strong> February 13, 1996<br />'Pac dropped his first album on Death Row Records 15 years ago. A double disc, the LP spawned hits that include, "California Love," "2 of Amerikaz Most Wanted," "I Ain't Mad At Cha," "How Do U Want It" and "Ambitionz az a Ridah," just to name a few.
  • 46b18466e029262f904ca085de16800e4cbd1256_m
    Busta Rhymes, <em>The Coming</em> (1996)
    <strong>Release Date:</strong> March 26, 1996<br />The Dungeon Dragon finally released his solo debut 15 years ago. Featuring hits like "Whoo Hah!!!Got You All in Check" and "It's a Party," the album went platinum.
  • reasonabledoubt
    Jay-Z, <em>Reasonable Doubt</em> (1996)
    <strong>Release Date:</strong> June 25, 1996<br />It's the LP that started Jay-Z's legend 15 years ago. Released on Roc-A-Fella Records, via Priority, the LP featured too many classic songs to list. Hov's "Can't Know the Hustle" with Mary J. Blige, "Brooklyn's Finest" with Biggie Smalls, "D'Evils" and "Can I Live" are just a few of the LP's memorable tracks. The album went platinum at the time and earned a platinum certification over time. To date, it's considered one of the best albums in hip-hop history.
  • 88c0f49952a0c59d328d0160adf5e322
    Nas, <em>It Was Written</em> (1996)
    <strong>Release Date:</strong> July 15, 1996<br />Nas Escobar went platinum for the first time in his career with his sophomore album, 15 years ago. The album featured singles like "If I Ruled the World" and "Street Dreams." It sold 2.5 million copies and is Nas's highest-selling album to date.
  • stakesishighmilestones
    De La Soul, <em>Stakes Is High</em> (1996)
    <strong>Release Date:</strong> July 2, 1996<br />De La called hip-hop dead 10 years before Nas did on the release of their fourth LP, 15 years ago. The album didn't make much of a dent on the charts, but is considered arguably De La's best album.
  • 1239467438_1219948964_ugk-ridin-dirty1
    UGK, <em>Ridin' Dirty</em> (1996)
    <strong>Release Date:</strong> July 29, 1996<br />The underground kings finally struck gold with their third effort, <em>Ridin' Dirty</em>.
  • f451828fd7a053eaa1b8f010.L
    The Roots, <em>Iladelph Halflife</em> (1996)
    <strong>Release Date:</strong> September 24, 1996<br />The Roots released their third LP 15 years ago. Though it sold under 500,000 copies, it's considered one of their best works to date. It features singles like "What They Do," "Clones" and "Concerto of the Desperado."
  • main-qimg-09944cde09bbcc17e8392253a869ab2b.jpeg
    OutKast, <em>ATLliens</em> (1996)
    <strong>Release Date:</strong> August 27, 1996<br />This futuristic ATL duo dropped their sophomore set 15 years ago. The LP featured singles like "ATLiens," "Elevators" and "Jazzy Belle" and went double platinum.
  • 2pacmakavelithedonkilluyv1
    Makaveli (2 Pac), <em>The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory</em> (1996)
    <strong>Release Date:</strong> November 5, 1996<br />The first of 'Pac's many posthumous LPs—it was recorded in seven days—the LP was released a month and a half after his death. Though he'd made peace with many East Coast rappers prior to dying, the album featured many disses to the likes of Nas, Mobb Deep, Biggie and Puff Daddy. Songs like "Hail Mary," "To Live & Die in L.A." and "Me and My Girlfriend" have become legendary. The LP sold four million copies.
  • lilkimhardcoremilestones
    Lil' Kim, <em>Hard Core</em> (1996)
    <strong>Release Date:</strong> November 12, 1996<br />Kim changed the game with her debut album 15 years ago. Released seven days before Foxy Brown's <em>Ill Na Na</em>, which also embraced hyper-sexualized rhymes, the album laid a new blueprint for female MCs to follow. Sex sells indeed. <em>Hard Core</em> nearly moved 2 million units.
  • illnanamilestone
    Foxy Brown, <em>Ill Na Na</em> (1996)
    <strong>Release Date:</strong> November 19, 1996<br />Fox Boogie played her part in changing the game alongside Kim with her debut, 15 years ago. Featuring hits like "Take You Home" and "I'll Be," the LP almost sold 2 million copies.
  • 42276-miss_e_so_addictive
    Missy Elliot, <em>Miss E... So Addictive</em> (2001)
    <strong>Release Date:</strong> March 15, 2001Missy released her third LP 15 years ago. As always, the LP featured Missy and Timbaland's unorthodox singles. This time, the Virginia rapstress lead the charge with "Get Ur Freak On" and "One Minute Man," which resulted in another platinum plaque.
  • Fabolous - Ghetto Fabolous
    Fabolous, <em>Ghetto Fabolous</em> (2001)
    <strong>Release Date:</strong> September 11, 2001<br />Fab's debut often gets forgotten. Perhaps because it was released on the same day as Jay-Z's <em>Blueprint</em>. Still, the LP featured two Top 40 hits, "Can't Deny It" and "Young'n (Holla Back)" on the way to Fab's first platinum plaque.
  • jay-z-blueprint_l
    Jay-Z, <em>The Blueprint</em> (2001)
    <strong>Release Date:</strong> September 11, 2001<br />Despite being release on the same day the World Trade Center's Twin Towers fell, Hov's <em>Blueprint</em> sold nearly 500, 000 copies and reached No. 1 on the <em>Billboard</em> Hot 100. In addition to "Izzo (H.O.V.A.)," the album featured "Takeover"—Hov's diss towards Nas. The LP introduced then upstart producers Kanye West and Just Blaze and ushered in the sped up soul sample sound.
  • Disposable Arts [Front]
    Masta Ace, <em>Disposable Arts</em>
    <strong>Release Date:</strong> October 18, 2001<br />This Brooklyn MC released an underground classic 10 years ago. The LP told the tale of a fresh-out-of-jail man looking to enroll in school to get away from his troubled surroundings. The album sold well independently and received critical acclaim at the time of its release.
  • artworks-000008525603-sb6lzj-crop
    Ludacris, <em>Word of Mouth</em> (2001)
    <strong>Release Date:</strong> November 18, 2001<br />Ludacris released his second consecutive triple platinum LP 10 years ago. The album featured hits like "Roll Out (My Business)," "Move Bitch," "Area Codes" and "Saturday (Oooh Oooh!)."
  • nas_stillmatic_cover
    Nas, <em>Stillmatic</em> (2001)
    <strong>Release Date:</strong> December 18, 2001<br />Following the underwhelming <em>Nastradamus</em>, Nas kicked off the second leg of his storied career with <em>Stillmatic</em>. The album featured "Ether," Nas's rebuttal to Jay-Z's "Takeover" and "One Mic," among many other standouts. The LP was certified double platinum.
  • king
    T.I., <em>King</em> (2006)
    <strong>Release Date:</strong> March 28, 2006<br />Tip graduated to superstar status with this LP. The album featured hits like "What You Know" and "Why You Wanna." Released in conjunction with the King of the South's motion picture debut, the album was T.I.'s first No. 1 record and almost sold 2 million copies.
  • Jdilladonutscoverfeature
    J Dilla, <em>Donuts</em> (2006)
    <strong>Release Date:</strong> February 7, 2006<br />Dilla released his last LP on his last birthday— three days before his untimely death—five years ago. Several of the album's instrumental were later used by MCs like Ghostface, Busta Rhymes and The Roots.
  • f_MyGhettoRepm_5b410c6
    E-40, <em>My Ghetto Report Card</em> (2006)
    <strong>Release Date:</strong> March 14, 2006<br />E-40 released his first and only LP on Lil Jon's BME label four years ago. Featuring songs like "Tell Me When to Go" and "U and Dat," the album help take Bay Area's hyphy phenomenon nationwide.
  • 51d8uBceIOL._SS500_
    Ghostface Killah, <em>Fishcale</em> (2006)
    <strong>Release Date:</strong> March 28, 2006<br />Big Ghost released his fifth album five years ago. The LP was Ghost's highest-charting LP since 2000's <em>Supreme Clientele</em>—debuting at No. 4 on the <em>Billboard</em> 200 and selling 110, 000 units.
  • B000FS9MTW.01._SS400_SCLZZZZZZZ_V40012320_
    Lupe Fiasco, <em>Lupe Fiasco's Food & Liquor</em> (2006)
    <strong>Release Date:</strong> September 19, 2006<br />Lupe dropped his debut LP five years ago. The album didn't sell as well as expected— but featured highlights like, "Kick, Push," "Hurt Me Soul" and "American Terrorist"—and received critical acclaim.
  • kingdom-come
    Jay-Z, <em>Kingdom Come</em> (2006)
    <strong>Release Date:</strong> November 20, 2006<br />After a three-year hiatus, the God MC returned to rap with <em>Kingdom Come</em>. Though the LP received mixed reviews, Jay generated the highest first-week sales for the album, 680, 000.
  • clipse-hellhathnofury-front_resize
  • Hiphopisdead1
    Nas, <em>Hip Hop Is Dead</em> (2006)
    <strong>Release Date:</strong> December 19, 2006<br />Nas released his first album on Def Jam Records five years ago. The LP took hip-hop to task for its deteriorating climate at the time. The album went gold.

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  • sosa

    Im guessing Mr.4 time platinum Ja rule didn’t come out with 2 #1s and #1 album in 2001.Also Kiss’ is forget about,don’t forget about that Ruff ryders vs Roc-A-Fella beef that happened in 01′.


      Ja Rule really? Just because it was a high selling album doesnt mean its important to hip hop. Justin Beiber sells well, it doesnt mean his music is any good. Ja Rule got popular imitating Pac, no real hip hop heads bumped his shit, mostly chicks.

  • fittetryne



      I agree, I see a snub here, along with a lot of other important artists records. No Rakim, No Dre, no Eminem, No BIG albums?


        Though I do agree with the majority of these albums.But definitely see some snubs.I can go on and on about the artists and a few more who were important, No Big,Eminem, Dre, Wu Tang,BONE, Eric B and Rakim,Eazy and so on….

  • Fireforreal

    The two on the list that hit home the most for me is Nas it was written and Outkast ATLiens. They were so overlooked due to how dope both of there debuts were. Most fans wanted to hear the exact type of album as the 1st but got something totally diffrent but in a way they both dropped overall better albums as a whole. For those that disagree listen to each album today and see how refreshing it is to hear compared to today’s bullshit albums with maybe 4 good songs out of 15 or 16 tracks.

  • Fireforreal

    Where was Naughty by nature’s debut ? that was in 1991 and was a classic.

  • Enlightened


    I agree completely about Nas. “It Was Written” was a better album than “Illmatic” to me.

    That’s “blasphemy” to some hip-hop heads but it is what is. The production to me was much better.