Wale: Watch My Feet [Nike Foamposities Photo Gallery]

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  • Dark Neon Royal (1997)
    Dark Neon Royal (1997)
  • Eggplant
  • Varsity Red
    Varsity Red
  • Anthracite
  • Cactus
  • Electric Green
    Electric Green
  • Copper
  • Pewter
  • Dark Neon Royal (2011)
    Dark Neon Royal (2011)
  • Pro Black (2008)
    Black (2008)
  • -Pro Pearl (2010)
    Pearl (2010)
  • -Pro Electronic Blue
    Electronic Blue
  • -Pro Electric Green
    Electric Green
  • Metallic Red (Coming February 4, 2012)
    Metallic Red (Set to Release February 4, 2012)
  • Electrolime (Coming March 2012)
    Electrolime (Set to Release March 2012)

I like the Bakin Boot because it’s durable, but it looks exactly like the sneaker that I wear 24/7. Getting into the club, when I was younger, we couldn’t wear sneakers, but we could wear Nike boots. Now I got [a pair] coming out. They have a goldish/green hue to them. I got my own colorway, so that’s big. Nike approached me, and I said absolutely. We been talking about it for a year now. It’s a sick addiction; I acknowledge that. I have them all over my house. When I get some more money, I’m gonna have a Foamposite room.

I like [Foamposites] because they’re just not for everybody. Just like the Lamborghini ain’t for a 7-foot nigga, Foamposites aren’t for everybody. You gotta have certain kinda jeans and wear your jeans a certain kinda way. I like to wear them with boot-cut [jeans], so I can get my pant leg over them. They just for rockin’. You should not wear them on the basketball court. They’re not a good basketball shoe, to me.
I had a good month in the gym when my clothes was a little more fit, and that’s when I did Jordans and all that. When I feel like a fat boy, I wear my Foams, and wear my clothes a little bigger. So it all varies. We all like sneakers where we from. Like, we heavy on Jordans, Foams, Deions, Pennys and all that growing up. When I was little, Foamposites were the ultimate… Like, the least frequently worn shoe in school, because they were so expensive. They just remind me of home. [There’s] nostalgia behind just the whole idea of Foamposites. —As told to Amber Mckynzie

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  • http://xxl BIGED

    u can keep them ugly ass gay foams and ill keep rockin my nike air cement iv and my og new york x. the sneaker game is going to hell cuz of goons like this guy.. im glad im not 18 ill tell u that.. we had michael jordan and barry sanders u guys got lebron and chris johnson..we had eric b and rakim and death row u guys got skinny jeans and lil wayne..suckers!!

  • uptown

    This biged nigga is a bama stop hatin on them foams…….prolly a undercover wale fan u gump ass nigga

  • http://xxl Biged

    im just bustin balls man, too be honest tho i couldnt name one song of his..besides one wit ross in it.. but i sell jordans for a livin man i just cant get into them foams…check out freshairs.net i got some videos on the blog as well

  • 804boy

    i’ma sneakerhead myself, i feel wale on the nostalgia part, its like i only want retros that my mom couldn’t afford to buy me when i was younger. i have some foams, but i don’t like all the colorways that are dropping. i’m really waiting on those deons to drop next year.