TM:103 Hustlerz Ambition Vs. The Dreamer/The Believer

Earlier this week, two of the fourth quarter’s most anticipated retail releases—and the only two major ones that hadn’t hit stores yet—leaked online. Young Jeezy’s oft-delayed but not forgotten, TM:103 Hustlerz Ambition, and Common’s The Dreamer / The Believer, his first musical opus since 2008’s Universal Mind Control had the rap world buzzing. Though they’re no doubt two vastly different releases from two artists from different sides of hip-hop’s musical spectrum, with the albums both slated to officially drop on the same day (December 20), leaking the same day, and earning generally positive initial feedback, XXL decided to compare the two. Check out the Tale of the Tape: TM: 103 Hustlerz Ambition and The Dreamer/The Believer. —XXL Staff

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  • E

    The Dreamer, The Believer is a Hip Hop Classic, word up.

  • Mutada mullah atari

    Question if the XXL mag got scanned into a high quality PDF and was leaked on line early… Do you think Harrison publishing or what ever publishing house owns you guys now would agree to have it advertised and featured on the front page of Warner brothers or Def Jams website? I’m just saying, what makes Warner or def jams intellectual property any less valuable, is there really any intrinsic value in running the above story before another website?

  • Mike

    It says 13 features for tm103 but lists 14 and are forgetting another, eminem…

  • T-Mac

    Two totally different albums and rappers. I downloaded it just because i had to hear it. And i think imma cop both CD’s. TM 103 is pretty good release ( 4/5 stars ). And of course, Common always deliver.

  • yo

    Have to say popularity wise TM103 wins. TM103 buzz is at a 100 while the believer is at a 50


    Looking forward to grabbing that Jeezy album. I’m going to need all of my dreams and beliefs to grab Common’s if it’s any like his last album. But, I did like ‘Ghetto Dreams’…

    • ShaZan1011

      I was disappointed by UMC too bro, but The Dreamer, The Believer comes back in a big way for Common.

  • Rap’L

    (The Dreamer/The Believer)
    Warner Bros.
    (c) 2011

    Beats: [XXL]
    [ S ] [ M ] [ L ] [ XL ] [ XXL ]

    Lyrics: [XXL]
    [ S ] [ M ] [ L ] [ XL ] [ XXL ]

    Originality: [XXL]
    [ S ] [ M ] [ L ] [ XL ] [ XXL ]

    Common album is seriously a DAMN! Classic!.
    I’m very Pleased that this album.
    Was definitely made, with the Real Common.
    People slept on him with “Universal Mind Control”, for him trying a new style. Well! No more of that, I’m here to say I’m a “Believer”. Cause He came Perfect on this album.
    I wouldn’t be writing this, if it wasn’t a Pure Classic!

    Next Classics in Line
    I’ll love to See is:

    Jay Electronica, Kendrick Lamar, Nas.
    Thats coming from me,
    a True Hip-Hop Fan
    Named, Raphael

    One Love

  • ShaZan1011

    Is this a legit contest? Young Jeezy is utter crap compared to Common’s lyricism and No I.D. on production. Quality, not Quantity people. that goes for both features and production.

  • SOCK

    like both albums, but i must say…..COMMON DROP A CLASSIC! best thing he did was hook back up with No ID! but i suggest that people BUY BOTH OF THEM!