Top 10 Catchiest Hooks of 2011


It's been quite a stellar year for catchy hooks. From Rick Ross to Drake, Nicki Minaj and even Kreayshawn, addictive choruses were laid on some of 2011’s biggest songs. Who can honestly say that they didn’t catch themselves yelling, “Tupac Back” or declaring “I’m on One?” Whether setting the mood with some “Marvin and Chardonnay” or counting “Racks” on racks on racks, most rap fans vibed out to these inescapable hooks word for word. Here, XXL lists the Top 10 hooks of 2011. They on one...fuck it, they on one!—XXL Staff

10. Meek Mill and Rick Ross on Meek Mill’s “I’ma Boss,” Self Made, Vol.1 (2011)


Ross and Meek go back and forth to build the hook on this smash record. Snug between hungry verses (two by Meek, one from Ross), this hook had everyone yelling, “I’ma Boss” right along with the MMG stars. And Meek’s only 23 (actually 24 now), he’s the shit, now look at he!

9. Kreayshawn “Gucci Gucci,” Life With Loopy (2012)


Say what you will about Kreayshawn’s “Gucci Gucci,” but this Bay Area representative scored a big hit by taking brand-name-wearing basic bitches to task. Sure, the lyrics were pedestrian at best. But, like her or not, there’s no denying this hook was downright contagious.

8. Rick Ross “9 Piece,” God Forgives, I Don’t (2012)


“I'm smoking dope, I'm on my cell phone/I'm selling dope, straight off the iPhone/He wanna quote, he talking nine zones/He bought four, I front him five more/9 piece, straight 8 balls.” The hook’s undeniably catchy, not to mention hard! So hard that Rozay gets away with rhyming phone with phone on the chorus. Hunngh!

7. 2 Chainz “Spend It,” Codeine Cowboy (2011)


Crank this banger behind the wheel of a whip and hit that 0-60 for this supreme driving music. He’s ridin' around and he’s gettin’ it! Especially with this hook. 2 Chaaiiiinz!

6. Nicki Minaj “Super Bass,” Pink Friday (2010)


Nicki scored a huge crossover smash with this single. Maybe it’s that “Boom, badoom, boom, boom, badoom, boom” on the hook. Yeah, that’s that Super Bass.

5. Future “Tony Montana,” True Story (2011)


Not only were heads saying this up and down the block, but they were doing it in the same Scarface-like accent that Future used on the record. Fuckin’ cockroaches!

4. Roscoe Dash on Big Sean’s “Marvin and Chardonnay,” Finally Famous (2011)


Nothing sets the mood like some Marvin Gaye and Chardonnay. Roscoe Dash does a great job of getting that point across—and dropping panties in the process—on this melodic hook.

3. YC “Racks” (2011)


Repetition makes perfect, or in the case of YC’s “Racks,” an annoyingly catchy hook. Haven’t said, “Racks on racks on racks” all year? XXL doesn’t believe you, you need more people.

2. Rick Ross on Meek Mill’s “Tupac Back,” Self Made, Vol. 1 (2011)

2010 BET Awards - Arrivals

Rozay has mastered catchy rapped hooks in a sing-songy era. Fittingly, with the 15-year anniversary of Tupac Shakur’s death around the corner, the Bauwse cooked up a chorus declaring that the controversial rapper had never left. “Tupac Back, Tupac Back!” he raps on the hook, referencing classic ‘Pac song titles like “Picture Me Rollin’” and “Brenda’s Got a Baby.” Fans rapped right along Yet another sick hook off MMG’s Self Made album. Woooo!

1. Drake on DJ Khaled’s “I’m On One,” We the Best Forever (2011)


There’s no doubting that Drake is a hook monster. But Drizzy gave his best, catchiest hook of the year to DJ Khaled for this four-season heater, “I’m On One.” Besides being ultra catchy, the saying crossed over into becoming a slogan on T-shirts. Fuck it…Drake’s on one. No. 1, that is.