The Mighty Mos Left: Yasiin Bey's Most Random Appearances of 2011

Mos Def

And the most random appearances in 2011 award goes to... Mos Def!

The Mighty Mos was spotted in some of the most unexpected places throughout the year, including at the tail end of Odd Future's Jimmy Fallon performance, yelling, "Swag!" in the camera shortly after Tyler, the Creator jumped on Fallon's back. He was also spotted at Frank Ocean's New York City show, and XXL's Nas cover issue party, rocking a rain coat, white button-up and tie, among many other odd sightings.

Here, XXLMag.com lists Yasiin Bey's Top 10 random appearances of 2011. Where will we catch Mos next? We shall see. —Gina Montana

Mos Def at XXL Nas cover issue party...


Back in October, Yasiin put on his khaki suit and unexpectedly headed to New York City's Webster Hall for a late night soiree with Nas, Common, AZ and a host of others. Mos even hit the stage with Nas for an impromptu stage appearance.

Mos Def on the Jimmy Fallon Show...


Mos showed his support for newbie Odd Future when the group appeared on the Jimmy Fallon show for a performance. Mos jumped in front of the camera and yelled, "Swag!" while frontman Tyler, the Creator, jumped on Fallon's back.

Mos Def at Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All's show at New York's Santos Playhouse...

Mos Def in South Africa

Mos Def clearly has an affinity for the L.A. crew. Days before appearing with the crew at the Jimmy Fallon show, Mos showed up at their show at NYC's Santos Playhouse, where he jumped from the small VIP section into the sound booth.

Mos Def at A$AP Rocky listening session in NYC...


Mos Def clearly supports new age rappers, as the Brooklynite also showed face at Harlem native A$AP Rocky's listening session in New York City in October.

Mos Def at Frank Ocean's show in New York City...


Mos Def showed love to OFWGKTA member Frank Ocean during one of his two shows in New York City during the Thanksgiving holiday. He came midway through the show with a lady in hand and left early.

Mos Def in front of the XXL offices...


Just hours after the XXL staff discussed Mos' almost magical ways of appearing in the most unexpected places, an XXL staffer spotted Yasiin strolling through Broadway, dolo, with bag in hand.

Mos Def on Dexter...

Undrcrwn Experience At The Palms Hardwood Suite

Yes, Mos Def guest starred in the fifth season of Dexter this year. Mos played a character named Brother Sam, an ex-convict who claims to be reformed as a man of God.

Mos Def on Project NYC...


Mos is into fashion (he's actually wearing Hunter rain boots in this picture), but it was still a little surprising to see him show up at the Project Show for this year's Project NYC fashion trade initiative.

Mos Def on the Colbert Report with Talib Kweli...


In October, Yasiin stopped by the Colbert Report with Black Star's Talib Kweli and explained his sudden name change from Mos Def to Yasiin Bey.