Tat My Name On Your Face So I Know It’s Real

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    Tat My Name On Your Face So I Know It's Real
    <p>The rap world went crazy earlier this week when photos of an, ahem, passionate and most likely intoxicated girl hit the ’net after she got a huge tattoo of Drake’s name branded on her forehead. (Let’s be real, she was <i>so far gone</i>).</p> <p>While that may go down as the biggest rap stan fail in history, there have been plenty of other fans that proudly proclaim their support for their favorite artist all up in their grill piece. See for yourself. And you can thank Drake for the theme music. —<i>Jesse Gissen</i> (<a href="https://twitter.com/#!/jessexxl" target="_blank">@jesseXXL</a>)</p>
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    Tat my name on you so I know it's real
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    Tat my fuckin’ name on you so I know it's real
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    I know it hurts, but I ain't tryna hear it
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    ‘Cause when I'm not around
  • drizzy-face-tat-gallery
    I still be there in spirit

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