Take A Look At Pusha T’s New Set of ‘Keys’ [Photo]

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  • PUSHA-KEYS6-400x267
  • PUSHA-KEYS1-400x267
  • PUSHA-KEYS2-400x267
  • PUSHA-KEYS7-400x267
  • PUSHA-KEYS5-400x267
  • PUSHA-KEYS8-400x267
  • PUSHA-KEYS3-400x267
  • PUSHA-KEYS9-400x267
  • PUSHA-KEYS4-400x267

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  • Eat it Nigguz!!!

    Damn!! those shits are nice!!!…. thats good taste too… better than those uglyass newport boxes… Arm n Hammer, bart simpson, coon with a skimask.. crunk aint dead.. we the best …etc…

  • Alexander Place

    Excessive consumption when people are starving in this country. Pusha c’mon! WTF

    • http://thisis50.com PM

      True, but If you had it you would do it too. I’ve been broke and had more then I needed, when you go from starving to having you will over do it too. I can’t hate, just hope he’s putting some cash up for later.

  • Alexander Place

    I got 7 figures and a honda civic, i give my money to the poor.
    I’m not wasting my money on materialistic bullshit.

    • HondaJet

      and we thank you for it Saint Alexander

  • Rick D.

    when do these mf’s grow up… man this is not what people need to see. blood diamonds in a time like now… Aint the devil happy…

  • uzimu

    What? No “Big Ass Chain”. Those are nice though, should of got a ‘skeleton’ key.