Production Credit: Clams Casino On Working With A$AP Rocky, Mac Miller & Havoc

Was Lil B the first established rapper that you worked with?
Well even before that [I did something for] Havoc from Mobb Deep. That was like summer of ’09 [on a song] called “Always Have A Choice.” [Listen below] I was [actually] working with Lil B before that, but that was a really big [look for me].

How did you get in touch with Havoc?
That was crazy how that worked out. When I first started sending beats to people on like MySpace in early ’08/the end of ’07, that’s when I really first started and I was just hitting everyone up. I don’t know if you ever heard of this guy from G-Unit, he used to rap for like G-Unit and for Mobb Deep and them. His name is Nice

I sent him some stuff in like the beginning of ’08 and his manager was like, “It’s pretty cool.” Like a year and a half later that same guy hit me up and he ends up managing Havoc. He just hit me up outta nowhere like, “Havoc recorded that stuff and he put it out online and the response is crazy.”

OK so you got the placement with Hav and then what happened after that? You continued to work with Lil B and then B introduced you to Soulja Boy?
B started working with Soulja Boy a lot and chillin’ with him. I remember Lil B telling me, “Soulja told me he loves ‘I’m God.’” [Listen below] Soulja rapped on that. A year later he hit me up and was like “Yo I want some more beats.” So I kept sending him stuff and he ended up recording like a lot of them. He wanted to do a whole mixtape with me. I kept sending him stuff and he recorded a bunch but we never ended up doing the whole tape and some of those beats got used for some other stuff.

Any of those beats end up with Rocky or Mac?
Nah, some of the stuff I made for Soulja Boy ended up going on my instrumental EP, like the first track of that I made for Soulja Boy. Actually the stuff from Mac Miller, I made one brand new for him but one I actually made a long time ago for Shi Stimuli for his album and he didn’t use it. I used to work with him too. When I first started he was the first guy. I worked with him a lot.

You were working with Sha before B?
Yeah, Sha was my main thing when I first started. When I first started sending my stuff out he was the first guy that responded and rapped on it and put it on mixtapes and stuff. I did like, I don’t know how many, like 20 songs with him. [Listen to Sha Stimuli “Alone” below]

Whose been reaching out to work with you lately?
A lot of people. A lot of big people. I don’t know how much I can talk about, but there’s a lot of stuff going on. You will be hearing a lot soon

I know Drake is a huge Rocky fan and you are part of the Rocky equation. Had he reached out to you? You’re sounds are fairly similar.
Yeah. I don’t know, maybe (laughs).

Who else has been reaching out to you?
Man, just today I saw Paul Epworth, big producer for Adele—he produced “Rolling in the Deep”—he just like hit me up today like ‘yo that ASAP Rocky mixtape is massive.’ He’s one of my favorite producers right now. I just retweeted that and he hit me up so that was pretty cool.

Wow, that’s crazy!
He’s like a really big dude and that’s pretty major to me, so I thought that was pretty cool and that just happened like a couple hours ago.

Not a bad way to wake up.

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  • Da Critic

    Never heard of him & since I read he cool with lil b’ I hope I never hear from him again just like that clown.

    • CreamofdaFUCKYA


      Main fail.

      Anybody who ain’t up on Clams has no idea about the dope production going on, and if you don’t realize how dope basedgod is you need to listen to more songs then just Ellen Degeneres.

      Lol, backpacking fake ass dumb ignant niggas

      • Jay

        THANK YOU @CreamofdaFUCKYA
        Real talk.

    • Jay

      you’re an idiot lol

  • rebellious

    good read xxl….definitely like what this kid brings to the table…i’m god is epic….i can do without lil b and souljah boy on his beats tho…definitely want to hear him work with some other artists

  • lawl

    His production is sick but Lil B wastes those beats… he’s not at all a good rapper. He needs to improve his flow but then again he’s an acquired taste so he’s a love it or hate it type of rapper.