Production Credit: Clams Casino On Working With A$AP Rocky, Mac Miller & Havoc

Up-and-coming New Jersey producer Clams Casino’s name has been buzzing a lot over the past year. To many he was first introduced as the man responsible for giving 2011 XXL Freshman, Lil B, his more moody, atmospheric sounds (notably “Cold War” and “Motivation”). Others had their first listen on A$AP Rocky’s LiveLoveA$AP mixtape, where Clams had five songs. Either way, Casino has been building quite a cult fan base, that includes everyone from Mac Miller to Soulja Boy to Adele producer, Paul Epworth. XXL recently chopped it up with the 24-year-old beat wizard to find out about how far back his hip-hop roots go, possibly working with Drake and his chemistry with Adele. Jackpot! —Jesse Gissen @JesseXXL

First I wanna congratulate you for your work on the ASAP Rocky’s mixtape.
Thanks a lot we worked hard on that. We started working on that in like the end of April. So, I’m glad it came out and everyone loved it, and it came out really dope.

How did you guys link up?
I saw one of his songs posted on YouTube and I hit up his boy [who] has a Website, and I was like, “Yo how I can get some beats to Rocky?” He [said], “Yo, that’s crazy cause we were just talking about your instrumental tape last night.” He gave me his email and I sent Rocky a bunch of stuff. He hit me right back and he’s like, “Yo you are one of my favorite producers out right now. I already had shit recorded on your beats.” He sent me a track that he had already done on one of my instrumental things I had put out. So I just kept sending him shit and it just like happened from there. It was like good chemistry from like before we even met.

How many songs did you end up recording?
I don’t even know. There’s some other shit that he recorded that didn’t go on the tape, and then there’s some stuff that we recorded that was meant for after the tape. We got some stuff for his [debut album]. We started workin’ on that already.

Cool. So how does the recording process work? Do you work together in the studio or is everything over email?
Nah it’s pretty much over email, I’ve been to the studio with him but [only] to chill not [to work].

So how does that work? What’s the process like? Is there a lot of tweaking after he sends tracks back to you?
I send him the beat and he does it and we will talk about it and if we gotta change anything most of the time it’s like a one time thing. He knows exactly what he wants to do, and I like everything that he does. It’s not too much back and forth.

Besides A$AP, you also worked with Soulja Boy and Mac Miller, but you made your name working with Lil B. Are you still messing with the Based God?
Yeah I still talk to him. The last thing I did with him was on the I’m Gay album. I always shoot him something if he needs something. I just talked to him like last week.

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  • Da Critic

    Never heard of him & since I read he cool with lil b’ I hope I never hear from him again just like that clown.

    • CreamofdaFUCKYA


      Main fail.

      Anybody who ain’t up on Clams has no idea about the dope production going on, and if you don’t realize how dope basedgod is you need to listen to more songs then just Ellen Degeneres.

      Lol, backpacking fake ass dumb ignant niggas

      • Jay

        THANK YOU @CreamofdaFUCKYA
        Real talk.

    • Jay

      you’re an idiot lol

  • rebellious

    good read xxl….definitely like what this kid brings to the table…i’m god is epic….i can do without lil b and souljah boy on his beats tho…definitely want to hear him work with some other artists

  • lawl

    His production is sick but Lil B wastes those beats… he’s not at all a good rapper. He needs to improve his flow but then again he’s an acquired taste so he’s a love it or hate it type of rapper.