Lil Wayne's Biggest Fashion Faux Pas of 2011


Lil Wayne had an absolutely phenomenal 2011. His long-awaited Tha Carter IV LP sold close to one million copies in its first-week, an awe inspiring feat in the current sales climate, his I Am Music Tour reportedly grossed $47 million in the U.S. alone and he appeared on two of the biggest songs of the year (“Look At Me Now” with Chris Brown and Busta Rhymes and “I’m on One” with Drake and Rick Ross). Yet, 2011 was also a confusing year for Weezy fans. Known for rocking fitted hats, wifebeaters and white T-shirts, Mr. Carter switched up his steelo quite drastically over the last 12 months, preferring animal print jeggings, big colorful furry hats, fanny packs and oversized furry boots. Say what you will about Wayne’s taste in clothing, but one thing's for sure, Weezy’s closet has no ceilings. Here, XXL takes a look at some of his more notable outfits of 2011. —XXL Staff

Animal Print Jeggings


The tight fitting pants that Wayne wore during his 2011 MTV VMA performance was the most talked about moment following the show.

Yellow Furry Hat x Fanny Pack


Weezy has been staying warm with this massive hat as of late, but what's he hiding in the fanny pack? Maybe there's a comb in there to tame that yellow fur.

Man Purse


Louis Vuitton man purse—don't leave home without it.

Hammer Pants


Hammer Time!



Weezy is obviously a fan of Jersey Shore with this pair of Mike "The Situation" sweatpants.