Lil Wayne Vs. Drake: Media Take Out’s Best Beef-Brewing Headlines

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    <b>Lil Wayne Vs. Drake: Media Take Out's Best Beef-Brewing Headlines</b>
    <p>Yesterday (December 1) <i>Media Take Out</i> ran this picture above as a "Super World Exclusive" with the headline, "Drake Is Leaving YOUNG MONEY...And This Time...It AIN'T NO RUMOR!!!" While reported that Drizzy did part ways with one of his business partners (He replaced International Creative Management, which handled his touring over the past two years, and replaced them with the William Morris Endeavor), there was absolutely no mention of a label switch.</p><p> Anyhow, this isn't the first time the gossip site has tried to stir the pot between Drake and Lil Wayne. "The Most Visited Urban Website In The World" has insinuated everything from Weezy punching Drake in the face to Drizzy smashing Wayne's girl while Mr. Carter was behind bars. It fits that Drake has "Headlines" as a hit single because has more than enough about the superstar! Here, <i>XXL</i> looks back at <i>MTO</i>'s Top 5 - and wildest - beef-brewing headlines involving Drake & Lil Wayne. Let the insanity begin!—<i>Mark Lelinwalla</i> <a href="!/xxl_mark" target="_blank">@XXL_Mark</a></p>
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    <b>"MTO WORLD EXCLUSIVE!!! Lil Wayne PUNCHED Drake In The Face!! (SHOCKING Details Inside)"</b>
    <p>On November 12, 2010 <i>MTO</i> says that Birdman convinced Weezy to fly to Vegas for the Drake concert, but afterwards that Weezy "didn't even say a word to Drake," instead walking over to the Toronto rapper and punching him in his face. The gossip site also reports that security broke it up, before escorting Weezy off the property. </p>
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    <b>FRIENDS AGAIN??? Rapper Lil Wayne And Drake Attend BASKETBALL GAME TOGETHER . . . But You Can Still See The TENSION Between Them!!!"</b>
    On November 14, 2010 <i>MTO</i> claims that Cash Money organized a trip to a Miami Heat game to diffuse any tension between Wayne and Drake. The picture shows Mack Maine seated between the two and Baby next to Drizzy.
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    <b>EXCLUSIVE: Drake Was SMASHING Lil Wayne's Girl . . While Weezy Was LOCKED UP!!!</b>
    On December 2, 2010, MTO reports that while Weezy was doing his prison bid on Rikers Island, Drake was creeping with Wayne's love interest Shanell, further fueling the gossip mills.
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    <b>MTO WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Drake Wants To LEAVE Young Money . . . Join Jay Z's ROC NATION . . . But Lil Wayne And Baby DON'T WANT HIM To Go!!! (Details)"</b>
    On February 11, 2011, the juicy gossip site reports that Jay-Z is trying to pull strings to land Drake at Roc Nation and that Drizzy himself wants to join his friend J. Cole over at the label. <i>MTO</i> goes as far as to run a pic of Drake side-by-side with his mother and writing, "Drake's mom prefers that he steer clear of some of the thug antics of Young Money." SMH. Wow.
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    <b>MTO WORLD EXCLUSIVE: After Paying Fees To Young Money . . . Rapper Drake Is BROKE!!! (Details)"</b>
    On April 14, 2010, <i>MTO</i>'s "insider" explains that Drizzy owes 80% of his money to Wayne and Baby, leaving what's left to spend on luxury cars. Come on, now!

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  • YES!

    Thank you for calling MTO out, even though I wish Drake would leave Young Money and Wayne’s wack ass behind. MTO tries stirring up shit on a daily basis, they claim Drake and Kanye have a feud, Kanye and Jay have a feud, they always have a “trusted source” for all of their info, but it seems like that “source” is never right, so I’m guessing their “trusted source” is the person writing the article, buying into his own bullshit lies. They keep trying to disprove Beyonce’s baby, they recently said that she appeared on a live taping of Jimmy Fallon without the baby bump, but the retards knew that it was a rerun from way before the VMAs.

  • stormy

    XXL you’re talking about MTO stirring the pot!!!! Shanell was NEVER Lil Wayne’s “love interest.” She is a talented female artist (vocalist/songwriter/ artistic director) on his label and that is it. No site, including yours has EVER benn able to prove that she’s a “love interest.” Like Nicki Minaj, she is simply a female artist on YMCMB.

    Why couldn’t you say “…rumors that Drake was creeping with fellow label-mate or Wayne’s artist Shanell.”

    Shanell works really hard. Show some respect!!!! She writes songs for some of today’s hottest artists (Neyo, Beyonce, Kelis, is preparing her debut album and does all of the artistic direction for the “I Am Still Music” tour. And she has a hot single that I hear on the radio everyday in my city called “So Good.” Shanell’s so hot that Roc Nation had to steal a song she wrote, recorded, owned and had on hold for her album without her knowing and put it on Bridget Kelly’s EP called “White Lies,” (google it, mad outlets wrote about the recent thievery).

    I love you guys, but before you start pointing fingers at others make sure YOU get YOUR information straight.

  • namenotnecessessary.

    Who’s the more foolish? The fool, or the fool who follows him? XXL why bother with shit like this.

  • Sinew

    Who gives a f..K aside from all u people with no life go work, get a hobby, have sex, do something aside from run your life like these retards!