Production Credit: Young Jeezy’s New Inspiration, Lil Lody

Hard work is key when it comes to bringing one’s dreams into full fruition, but in the case of 22 year old producer Lil Lody, it’s more like a hustler’s ambition. Within less than six months, Lody’s skills on the production tip became the backbone for Young Jeezy’s long-delayed, TM:103 ‘Hustlerz Ambition.’ Crafting beats since the age of 14, the young beatsmith is on one hell of a come up. Already equipped with an impressive list of production credits for artists like Diddy and Rick Ross (“Bugatti Boyz”), Waka Flocka Flame (“Still Standing), MMG (“By Any Means”), Pastor Troy (“The Belt”) and more, the Memphis-native has accomplished a lot within such a short timeframe.

Fresh off his scoring his biggest break on Jizzle’s fourth studio album—in which he served up backdrops for eight of the project’s eighteen tracks— got a chance to chop it up with the beat wizard about his beginnings as a rapper, working with Jeezy, dealing with TM 103’s constant push backs, and what he has in store for 2012.—Ralph Bristout (@RalphieBlackmon)

XXL: So tell me a little about how you got your start at producing.

Lil Lody: I started back when I was 14 years old. Honestly, I was a rapper before I even became a producer. I [took] the rapping real serious at like 14. Things were going good but to me, the game started to fade out. The fame I wanted in the game wasn’t there so, I was like, “Let me go and produce.” Between me and you, producing is a hobby to me. Like it’s something that I could do because I’m good at it. I don’t do it for the money, [that] just so happens to come with it. I do it because of pure passion.

Where did that passion come from?
[One time] I was in the studio recording, you know I used to pay for my own studio time and the engineer-he actually made beats-played a beat and one of the [instrumentals] was hard so, keep in mind I’m 14 years old, I was getting my money and stuff, but I asked him “how much [you] want for the beat?” He was like he want $3,500-$4,000. I’m like, “Damn I’m 14, I don’t know why you gonna charge me this much for it.” He was like, “Well that’s what its gonna be homie.” I wasn’t gonna pay that for no beat because, what if I do it and the beat don’t become no big hit across the world? I [would've just] wasted $3,500-$4,000 for no reason. That made me just start producing myself. Like “Okay I’m a take this shit and do it myself and become the best at it,” that was my mindframe.

So from there, you just started taking it serious then.
Taking it serious and going harder than a muthafucka with it.

How did you link up with Jeezy?
It all started during All-Star weekend in February of this year. We linked up in December though. My nigga [Carbon 15], was on the Twitter-and they [Carbon and Jeezy] don’t really do Twitter really-and was just on Twitter fucking around, trying to see what it was about because so many people were talking about it. The “Rollin’” song popped with Gunplay and they were trying to find out who [produced it]. You know, I was always on Twitter broadcasting, doing my thing, talking a lil’ shit like I do and he found me and reached out to me from Jeezy’s page. He followed me and I was like “Hell nah, this aint no Young Jeezy page,” but the followers were up there so, it kind of threw me off. So, I just followed him back and hit him on the DM like, “Yo homie, I got beats for real.” That’s when he hit me back like, “Yeah I already know. I was trying to reach out to you for Snow anyway.”

So all this stemmed from the “Rollin” record? There was a lot of criticism that came along with that record. Some people were trying to compare the sound to Lex Luger’s style of production. How’d you feel about that?
Yeah, I heard about it. When people get to the comparing game, I don’t really indulge in that because you know, its nothing but music. Music gets recycled, it gets born, dies, and reborn again. When people get to comparing and competing, I [just] keep my mind focused and avoid getting to that. Now if they want to compete against something real, compete against the money. Holla at me in the streets and we gon’ see who’s money’s the longest.

But, then you turnt things up when you did the “Ballin’” record. Was that the first record you and Jeezy worked on?
I had to go in, [especially] for that record, I had to do what I had to do. [But] real talk, the very first record me and Snow worked on was the intro to the album, which is “Waiting.”

Explain how that session went about.
When I first met him, I played a beat and he was like, “Aight, put that to the side.” I wanted to do something dramatic and he was telling me how he wanted to create this big, powerful theme that’s dramatic and real melodic. He was like “Add this” and “Make it sound like this.” So after, shit came out to be the intro to TM:103.

And that was the first record you guys did.
Yup, that was the first record. We knocked the album [out] before The Real Is Back 1 & 2 mixtapes dropped. When we first linked up, we knocked the album out in like a month. We knocked the album out so fast, [there] were songs that was suppose to be on the album that we didn’t even bypass. Like one of them is “Real Is How You Feel,” its done [and] was supposed to be on the album, I don’t know how the choices were made but, we knocked it all out in a month. We don’t play.

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  • James

    That’s whats up, I hope i get to where he’s at one day.

    • M. Alexander

      You make beats?

  • CaponeMOB

    SMH,,,,, so i had to endure all those garbage lex luger tracks on every mixtape this year,so know ima have to put up with lil lody’s garbage? which sounds exactly the same like lex luger trash? WOW another shitty year for beats on albums and mixtapes for 2012. nice to leave out the LITTLE part three 6 mafia played in his career,you guys NEVER EVER put three 6 mafia on your cover the least you could do is give credit where its due. three 6 mafia DISCOVERED LIL LODY and where the first one’s to put lil lody on their independent ALBUMS. nice of him of not mentioning that LITTLE part of three 6 mafia puttin him on also.with out three 6 mafia this nigga would be NOWHERE. he would of been LOCAL. niggaz was gonna think he was a lex luger RIP-OFF and would not fuck with him(which they do think he’s a fake lex luger),but since three 6 mafia got all those industry connections and 36 put him on their albums niggaz found out about him.nice way of stayin humble by not showing respect. and he down plays the comparisons they made to him and lex luger. “the music gets recycled all the time” he says,what a fuckin dumb nigga
    recycling is one THING,but completly swagger jacking some body is ANOTHER thing. he carboned copied lex lugers beats
    are you kiddin me? and yhea he wants to make it in the game he got the drive and looks hungry thats very obvious by listening to his beats,he wants to make it so bad to the point where he steals some bodies style and calls it “recycling”.
    yhea i guess thats the hustlers mentality and the “ambition” jeezy see’s in him. and what the fuck does money has to do with anything? so if bill gates learns the basics of makin a rap beat,and produces a few beats,in his world bill gates is THE BEST PRODUCER? cuz after all he gots the “longest paper”
    and im dissapointed with jeezy,i remember a few years back he was talkin about how he got the producers called the runners (yall remember those dudes?)

    he said he got them to produce him custom beats for him cuz he dint like getting the same beats that they were givin to every body else. yall remember those chopped and screwed vocals? well thats exaclty what young jeezy is doin NOW. he’s getting the SAME beats that lody and lex luger is givin to every body ELSE! i would love to interview young jeezy so he could explain his logic to me. thats one of the reasons im NOT buyin his album, 8 lody tracks? you kiddin me? thats damn near half the album,who jeezy thinks this nigga is? the next DR DRE or the neptunes? what happend to shawty redd?
    don cannon? some of his best tracks where done buy shawty redd. he should just had justice league produce half the album for that matter,they beats go way harder. if rap keeps
    recycling TRASH we aint goin to have any good music any time soon….SMH

    and for all you bitches thats goin to call me a “hater” cuz im just simply pointing out the facts,then i would call you a “DICK RIDER” for coming to lody’s defense. good night dick riders…..

    • c

      I think Drumma Boy wouldve been better than Lil Lody!

      I had read a while back he had 7 Kanye tracks for 103… WTF happened to those?

    • Marvin

      Co-sign bro

  • Bizzo Beats

    well said CAPONE MOB.. lil lodi probably only taxing 3-4K a beat so of course YJ gonna cop 8 from him. Lex Luger taxing at least 20K or better. Simple economics: 32k VS. 160k for the same beats.. The public just wanna hear YJ on some Shawty Redd copycat beats anyway.

    • CaponeMOB

      appreciate that BIZZO BEATS. i kinda am surprised niggaz havent hated on me yet. cuz one time i left this comment about lex lugers beats,and you should of seen all the fuckin HATE i got from them dick riders,they so passionate about lex luger,they defend him just as hard as they defend lil wayne when they call him a fake blood,or like when they defend rick ross when they call him officer ricky,. shit is crazy, these same dick riders arent goin to stick up for lex luger when he vanishes from the game,like polow da don and the runners. gurantee that shit. bunch of bandwagon hoping ass niggaz. lex luger= the lil wayne of the producing game. highly OVERRATED.

  • ra

    no need to argue anything….time will tell all. whoever is on top out of brick sqad or cte producer war will win. lex up one….we’ll see what jeezy cd does.

  • @YungWillBeats

    lody is 30 k per beat. he says it in like all his songs

  • Will Morebucks

    I’d of liked to hear Jeezy on some JUSTICE league or Don Cannon tracks, but they probably bustin heads. Mr. 17.5 is still his best song in my eyes, Cannon killed that one.

    • http://www.soundclick.comfabceebeatz Fabceebeatz

      Trapped is a justice league beat…lol

  • hiphoplover

    Everybody knows Lil Lody steals people beats and re-do them. Everybody knows Lil Lody and Lex Luger use the same recycled sounds. Im not on no hating shit it’s just pure fact. This is what rappers are paying for now, they paying for cheap garbage. Same 808s, snares, vst sounds, etc….
    How are you gonna know your worth as a music producer when you have a million guys with fruity loops using the same damn sounds???? SMH.

    If i was the A&R for Jeezy album i would’ve stuck to the original Thug Motivation sound using producers such as Drumma Boy, Midnight Black, Justice League, Shawty Redd, DJ Squeeky, DJ Toomp, Jazze Pha, and Don Cannon.

    A lot of these overnight new cats are too lazy. They don’t want to be creative and make something new. They hear what someone is doing and copy it.

  • BMT