Jon Connor Drops Season 2 [Download Now]

Flint, Michigan bred MC Jon Connor has been flooding the ‘net with new videos and music recently, and it’s all be in anticipation of his latest release, Season 2, which is out today. The lyrically-inclined rhymer is featured in the Show & Prove section of the December/January issue of XXL, on stands now. Download Season 2 here to find out why.

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  • Real Hip Hop

    Jon Connor’s Season 2 is the best mixtape of the year

  • Mr. Know it all

    This mixtape is Crazy!!!!!! Jon Connor is a monster!!!!!

  • mad rapper

    Jon Connor is the next to blow. I havent got past the 1st 2 songs yet of his mixtape

  • Rude dude

    Mixtape is the best I done heard in a while. Hope my boss don’t see this because I am at work. Lol i couldn’t wait

  • Jamel

    @Rude dude

    Same here, Having a slow day so i went on the computer.

    Can’t wait to hear this, Gonna check it out later.

  • A.C. Says 10%

    Just D/L’d this…..can’t wait to get home to check it out!!

  • TheRealSnacker

    This nigga deserves the freshman cover no doubt and then some real talk

  • FliCityRep

    if this nigga don’t make it to the top the world and hip hop is fucked

  • FliCityRep

    if this nigga don’t make it to the top the world and hip hop is fucked somebody better sign this nigga before yall miss out

  • AVM1999

    Freshman cover wont be shit with out this nigga yall better get on it

  • CakesandPies

    Coldest lyricist out if you don’t think so you out yo mind

  • TrillCity

    This nigga Cold!!!!!!

  • MI_OWN

    Jon Connor is Literally what the game NEEDS!!!!!

  • BlackAndMild

    This nigga is in the same conversations with Drake Kanye and 3 stacks dawg AMAZING

  • The Judge

    This mixtape is crazy. This is the best mixtape of the year. If Jon Connor is not on the XXL @2012 Freshman Class everybody their should be fired

  • m

    I just seen Jon Connor in the XXL magazine thank you for putting me up on this dude. He is my new favorite Artist

  • Kronk Music

    Jon Connor just proved why the must stuff is politics. How can someone this good not be signed. Mix tape is the best Iv’e heard this yr. And every freestyle he put out was dope

  • FatSnack

    Season 2 just got Jon Connor the Freshman cover quote me!!!!!!

  • Mr.ClioRd

    MOOOOOTHA FUCCCCCKKKKIN JON FUUUUUCCCCKINN CONNOR YEEEEEEEEES I’m from flint where niggas get hated on for no reason Jon Connor got a reason to be hated cause he fucking you niggas up

  • Mr.MakePlays


  • FukWitMeh

    Fuk who u was listen’n 2 yesterday! This Season 2 shit is all that matters (period).

  • http://N/a Jed

    Dude has been killing the game, has to make that cover freestyles,salvation and Season 2 its undeniable

  • http://N/a Kemo

    Cant Believe They Gave This Away For Free,No Complaints Tho

  • http://N/a dMoney

    This should be an album not a mixtape, damn joint is the truth

  • AZ

    Jon Connor been SICK with the flow and the production since Calling pt.1 DO your RESEARCH

  • Minn

    Jon Connor gone get a 50 type deal yall keep fucking around letting him build his buzz like this

  • 1.99Mcnuggets

    If yall don’t sign this nigga now he gone fuck yall pockets up when yall come to yall senses

  • RealNigga8345

    This nigga right here better get the damn freshman cover

  • Crucial_Xtreme

    Connor is true hip hop! Lyrically there aren’t many if any ppl out fucking with him. My man is truly The Peoples Rapper!! He’s on his way to the top & damn sure deserves the freshman cover!! Make it happen XXL!!! Blue City Club!!!!

  • Marge

    Can’t wait for the new album. It is nice to hear a rapper who can actually rap for a change.