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  • -noname, ghana

    it’s so fucking annoying when i click on yall videos and it says “sorry, we’re unable to offer this video to users in your region”. What the hell is this?


      YO I KNOW! They always have exclusive shit, but nawww not for my region, like how they gonna not let fans see that shit, it’s only more traffic for them

  • Quest

    lol, i co-sign…same here, South Africa

  • Mestizo

    i cant see that video coz im in germany. come on, xxl…

  • skny

    lol than what happen to rocafella jayz a fuckin snake in the grass. he bits every rapper style he associates with (big L, nas, biggie, now kanye)
    Jayz is a white boy in black skin

    • wllmjms

      dude you are a hating piece of sh*t. honestly guy i may not love jay z but i respect him. he doesn’t write his sh*t, is very lyrical, and is talented so please stop hating my guy.

    • T-Malone

      skny, hatin is not a good look!!! And your right. He is a snake, he spits straight venom all day. ROC

  • myevenement

    i’m from poland and i cant see that video too. what the f**k