Jay-Z and Kanye West’s “Niggas in Paris” is Top Rap Single of the Week

Several rap crews are deep in the top 50 of Billboard’s Hot 100 singles.

In its 18th week, “Ni**as In Paris” by Jay-Z (Roc Nation) and Kanye West (Roc-A-Fella/G.O.O.D. Music) is the top rap single on the charts at the No. 6 spot, its peak position after being No. 8 last week. Still, Hov and Yeezy weren’t the only repping their squad. G.O.O.D. Music’s Big Sean’s record “Dance (A$$)” featuring Nicki Minaj moved up from No. 16 to No. 14 in its 10th week. Like “Ni**as In Paris,” Sean’s record was at its highest position. One spot below was Roc Nation’s J. Cole’s “Work Out” which samples Yeezy’s “The New Work Out Plan.” Cole’s song dropped one slot in its 15th week.

Hip-hop fans picked up singles from artists from other crews, too. Right behind J. Cole’s “Work Out,” Young Money’s Drake’s “Headlines” holds down the No. 16 spot after being at No. 13 last week.

In between “Headlines” and the rest of YMCMB’s abundance in the latter of the top 50 iss Snoop Dogg & Wiz Khalifa’s song “Young, Wild & Free” featuring Bruno Mars, which stands at No. 22 after moving up seven spots from where it stood seven days ago. The collabo has now been on the chart for nine weeks.

After “Young, Wild & Free,” the next five hip-hop songs in the top 50 are straight Cash Money/Young Money. Both “Make Me Proud” featuring Nicki Minaj at No. 27 and “The Motto” featuring Lil Wayne at No. 30 are Drake’s, produced by T-Minus and feature a verse from a fellow YMCMB artist. Drizzy’s “Make Me Proud” moved up one spot since last week, while “The Motto” dropped three.

Be that as it may, Nicki and Weezy do not only appear on the charts as featured artists on the singles; they have their own records. Nicki Minaj’s track “Super Bass” remains in the top 50 after dropping 12 spots in its 33rd week, at No. 33. Lil Wayne’s “She Will” featuring Drake also took a tumble, falling six spots, but it still made the cut, in its 17th week, at No. 36. To boot, YMCMB made one final appearance at No. 37 with the crew’s leading lady’s track “Fly” featuring Rihanna. In its 16th week and parallel to “Super Bass,” “Fly” fell a dozen spots.

Rounding off the top 50isas Maybach Music’s Wale’s “Lotus Flower Bomb” featuring Miguel at its peak position after moving up two spots in its seventh week, landing it at No. 7.

They loving the crew. They loving the crew. —Christopher Minaya

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  • Sha

    I just wish the whole hip-hop world would stop dick-ridin’ (no homo) on Jigga. From the “All Black Everything”, to people trying to make sequels and trilogies for their albums, to trying to drop joint superstar collabos…. It’s almost like Jay-Z is in a sports car and everyone else is ridin’ minivans. Damn!

  • dnhgfxgh

    Sha, you’re right but to be fair. Jay-Z would be nowhere near this famous if all the competition didn’t die. (ie Big L, Big Pun, Pac, Biggie…) The only rival he’s really had is Nas and Jay lost…

    • Escobar9300

      PREACH. Jay is absolutley at the top of his game and THE game, and holding onto the crown at the moment. But imagine Muhammad Ali without Forman, Frazier or Liston keeping him sharp? The reason Jay is able to run roughshod over hip hop is because the rappers who were better than him aren’t alive anymore. When those rappers were alive, Jay was seen as a second tier rapper. Someone who was very good, but did any of us ever see Jay as more than Biggies little buddy back when BI was alive (Listen to Brooklyns finest and I love the dough again if you arent sure. Jay was not on BI’s level yet)? Jays biggest living competition was Nas, and Nas clearly won that battle.

  • Ty

    So because he lost the battle means Nas career is better. Biggie verses were better than jay on the specific tracks depending on point of views, but i ride with reasonable doubt more than ready to die.
    The difference in sounds between the two is the persona, biggie came off as a gritty thug and jigga a boss. In the track young g’s you could clearly hear how jigga express his mental about hustling.

    What makes biggie verses great is the description. When you add crime scenes, “me and gutta had two spots, the two for five” “sprinkle coke on the floor make it drug related”. Fans that like hearing a gritty story how a nigga got shot will always love big more fact.

    • CaponeMOB

      @ TY
      are you kiddin? so people only liked biggie when he added crime scenes? really? well how about people liked BIGGIE cuz he was a monster on the mic? what about all those other songs where biggie dint add crime scenes? where those songs garbage?
      BIGGIE was clealry SUPERIOR when it came to the lyrics. nobody in the planet could touch biggies lyrics at that time, and life after death album smashes any thing jay-z has ever dropped or will drop. on top of that biggie had an incredible flow and VOICE. something jay-z lacks. when biggie put jay-z on a track or vice versa,biggie just smashed jay-z on it,you know how jay-z sounded with biggie on a track? he sounded like NAS’s brother jungle. you know when NAS throws his brother jungle on one of his tracks? you know NAS is goin to kill the track while jungle just sounds like a weed carieer tryin to rap. REAL TALK. your confused my nigga. thats why they say jay-z is overrated,i never heard no one say BIGGIE is overrated.

  • tonton

    Pac kanye lauryn hill the greatests ever MCs to touch the mic!

    U guys know shit about hip hop!

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