Jadakiss Reflects on 10-Year Anniversary of His Solo Debut LP

The budget for my first album, it had to be a million and some change or a couple million. That’s not just studio time and production, that’s the for the house, travel for my whole crew to go to Miami, per diem while we there. Maids, chefs, rent-a-cars, shit was crazy. That was the golden era. It ain’t gonna be like that. It’s probably gonna be like for a few cats now. But even the big money cats per say, they’re still work at a moderate rate. All the studios are closed down; Sony, the Hit Factory. That shows you right there the money went down. In ’01, everybody had them big budgets, everybody was in there. Now, with the technology, pro-tools and everything, and the money cuts, those studios are down. Everybody is working out of their own houses and there own studios, portable joints.

Big budgets or small budgets, I like both of them. It’s easy for us, the Lox, myself, D-Block, to make the transition because we was always carrying on from that same aspect. They put these niggas from the hood in a mansion to record a album we could have made in the hood anyway. That mansion was just a extra perk. Dumbin’ it down or downsizing is still up my alley because I’d rather be in a sexier, smaller joint doing my own thing. They both work for me.

I wanted to record in Miami because that’s just where I liked to be. All my times going there, I never got a chance to stay there that long. I’d stay for a show, or something or a weekend. When it was time to do Kiss Tha Game Goodbye, I said “I wanna come down here and make the majority of the album, then go back home and finish it.” They were sending me beats from everybody. This is before the Internet was poppin’ So they were mailing reels, to the house. They were still using reels on my first album. They would send me music to the crib, I would write to them. I would try to write two or three songs at the crib and then go to the studio and lay them all at once instead of wasting studio money and the money I was already spending.

My favorite songs off the album are probably “Still Feel Me” and “Show Discipline” with Nas. Speaking of Nas and the whole thing, the budgets were so beautiful back then, after however long I stayed in Miami, I went to LA and recorded out there. I was in LA for a month and a half. I used Interscope studios and stayed in the La Park with my whole crew. That was more budget beat up. That’s where we did “Show Discipline.” Nas happened to be in Cali, he came to the studio and it was all love. He came, we chopped it up, we let him hear the song and he went right in.

Another record off the album of course is “We Gonna Make It.” That’s a timeless record to this day because it symbolizes power for the underdog. Anybody that that is told they can’t do something or you’ve been having a problem reaching a goal or achieving a accomplishment, you can put that song on and get back up and come out swinging. That’s like the hood inspiration, that’s the “We Are the World” for the hood, for the hustlers, for the under class. It’s always gonna be that. Regardless if it’s relating to politics in the news or the world, or U.S.A. as a whole. You can throw that song on at a basketball championship game, the Super Bowl, anytime you need to go to war and come out victorious or you need some inspiration, that’s the song right there.

Longevity is an accomplishment within itself. Sometime people overlook how long you been in the game. This is a game that deals with a lot of bullshit, you gotta be happy, take care of your family and bask in the glory of your loved ones. Sometimes the glory you see, the outside world don’t see that. You have to use that as motivation to keep going. There’s a lot of artists that’s scorching hot right now, that won’t have a five year career, or 10 years, nothing. At the end of the day I just feel blessed to be here.

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  • Decatur ATL BOI

    “There’s a lot of artists that’s scorching hot right now, that won’t have a five year career, or 10 years, nothing. At the end of the day I just feel blessed to be here.” Kiss is absolutley correct, there are a artist that are on fire right now but in 2013 they will be missing in action, all the so called fame will be gone, the recognition will dry up and all you have is you and your craft…I feel sorry for those that don’t even have a craft to begin with , they just talked crap on a record. Wack A Flack, Gucci Mane, …need I say more?

    • CaponeMOB

      KISS is my nigga,i still remember when i bought this CD around august of 2001,the funny thing about it,is that i FIRST originally bought the “st lunatics” album….hahhahah yall bealive that shit? then i came to my senses and went BACK to the store and told’em i wanted the KISS album. the bitch looked at me like i was crazy,and she started inspecting the cd to make sure i dint opened it or some shit,bitch took a while inspecting it,and she finally just gave up and gave me the kiss album. and its funny how kiss is talking about how some niggaz is scorching hot right now but in 5yrs niggaz is goin to be gone,thats exaclty what happend to the st lunatics,where them niggaz at? and thats what i keep telling these DICK riders about there idols wocka flocka,meek mills,rick ross,nicky manaj. them niggaz is hot right now but that shit aint goin to last. INCLUDING the garbage producers like LEX LUGER. this is the generation of dick riders,what ever its on the radio is hot i dont care if they could rap or NOT…SMH im glad i grew in a diffrent time.

      • Afi K. James

        Rick Ross is gonna be in the game.

  • land lord

    I remember when dat cd dropped. Alotta good times & memories. We had da bootleg for a min.too lol. Still copped it though cause Kiss had da streets on smash. He was killin da Clue mixtapes back then

  • Sosa

    Kiss is a legend
    I never heard a wack verse from him

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  • alderman j


  • slient-j

    your right theres a few arists that the first or second person said it ain’t gonna last i came from the 80′s im 25 where the LL,nwa,ice-t,salt-pepa,big,pac,nas,jay-z,puffy,az in which to me is one of the most underrated along with devin the dude thats out there when young artists talk about their idols they must ustudy the artist that built it from the ground up yes the game has dumb down and it might not be the same just theres new artists i like j cole, big krit(this generations pimp c),drake etc jada is a great lyrist never heard a wack rhyme i have all the albums i love the first two he made the third its aight but tell me something heres my top 10 artists of all time and let me know if you agree
    no particular order

  • protoman

    handful of great songs but overall, album was meh. his sophomore was dope though