Top 10 Hottest Beats of 2011

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    Hottest Beats of 2011
    Good production speaks volumes and 2011 rang in a number of subwoofing decibel raisers. Whether they were constantly being swiped by other MCs sprinkling their own lyrical flavor on them as freestyles or stood as irresistible smashes, it’s no easy task deciding just which beats were the hottest. Taking a look at releases from last December up until this month, <em>XXL</em> dug deep to find the year’s hottest instrumentals. As the year reaches a close, <em>XXL</em> ranks the 10 hottest beats of 2011. —<em>XXL Staff</em>
  • Look At Me Now
    10. Chris Brown ft. Busta Rhymes & Lil Wayne "Look At Me Now," <em>F.A.M.E</em> (2011) (Produced By Diplo)
    Say what you want, but this certainly was no R&B record when everyone—including C. Breezy—was rapping. Diplo’s hypnotic sound paved the way for one of the year’s standout smashes.
  • Lord Knows
    9. Drake ft. Rick Ross "Lord Knows," <em>Take Care</em> (2011) (Produced By Just Blaze)
    Of the many gems tucked in Drake’s sophomore album, Just Blaze’s fiery “Lord Knows” shines bright. One of the things that made this cut refreshing was Just’s decision to use a live choir instead of a gospel sample. The end results made for an amazing record.
    8. MMG "Self Made," <em>Self Made, Vol. 1</em> (2011) (Produced By Just Blaze)
    <em>Self Made, Vol. 1</em>’s thunderous opener was one of the best intro productions of the year. With Just Blaze on the boards, it was no surprise.
  • Hustle Hard
    7. Ace Hood "Hustle Hard," <em>Blood, Sweat, & Tears</em> (2011) (Produced By Lex Luger)
    The plodding yet dark Lex Luger production was a problem once it hit the streets and airwaves as it left proper placement for many (Rick Ross, Lil Wayne, Young Jeezy, and more) besides Ace Hood, to polish their hustle.
  • Tupac Back
    6. Meek Mill ft. Rick Ross "Tupac Back," <em>Self Made, Vol. 1</em> (2011) (Produced By Mike Will)
    Mike Will’s ferocious <em>Self Made, Vol. 1</em> cut had everyone and their mothers reincarnating their favorite lionized figures.
  • Otis
    5. Jay-Z & Kanye West "Otis," <em>Watch The Throne</em> (2011) (Produced By Kanye West)
    Simply a beat fit for “luxury rap,” The Throne’s proper first single—following the DOA “H.A.M.”—offered one of the year’s main attractions. Verses to the side, Kanye’s dexterous decision of chopping up Otis Redding’s “Try A Little Tenderness”—shouts and all—created a spry track that found just about everyone—including Jaz-O— taking a stab at it.
  • 6 Foot 7 Foot
    4. Lil Wayne ft. Cory Gunz "6 Foot 7 Foot," <em>Tha Carter IV</em> (2011) (Produced By Bangladesh)
    With a “Day-O (The Banana Boat Song)” sample included, Bangladesh spazzed on the boards for Wayne’s first <em>Carter IV</em> offering. The titillating production properly ignited the Young Money megastar’s 2011 takeover.
  • I'm On One
    3. DJ Khaled ft. Drake, Rick Ross & Lil Wayne "I'm On One," <em>We the Best Forever</em> (2011) (Produced By T-Minus)
    It’s almost impossible to overlook T-Minus’ entrancing groove off DJ Khaled’s <em>We the Best Forever</em>. From the moment the opener rings in to when the bass drops with its jittering synths, it’s hard not to believe why “I’m On One” won’t become a modern day classic.
  • I'ma Boss
    2. Meek Mill ft. Rick Ross "I'ma Boss," <em>Self Made Vol. 1</em> (2011) (Produced By Jahlil Beats)
    It’s pretty clear when this song dominated airwaves throughout the year. As soon as the horns bellow—seemingly announcing Meek Mill's arrival as rap's next star—the production commands attention. Jahlil Beats’ hammering backdrop anchored in a scorching summer filled with repeated listens and freestyles.
  • Jay-Z and Kanye West
    1. Jay-Z & Kanye West "Niggas In Paris," <em>Watch The Throne</em> (2011) (Produced By Hit-Boy)
    The top spot is reserved for ‘one song and one song only,’ and track three off Hov and ’Ye’s critically-praised <em>Watch the Throne</em> is just what gets the people going. What made Hit-Boy’s sleek seeping production one of the best was its unconventional, yet bombastic sound that offered a little more than popular brooding rifts. It’s popularity skyrocketed within such a short time frame while garnering many passport stamps by MCs attempting to make their own mark on the instrumental. Time will tell whether or not it’s timeless, but for now, in the words of Kanye, this shit Cray.


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  • T

    None of these, smh.

  • LA

    you are serious?

    top 10 worst beats

  • ctwins3644

    any coincidence that ross is featured on over half of them? i think not, his beat selection has always been on point.

  • Bread

    Yo everybody go to ebonic20 on youtube……………….meek mill challenge

  • ill willie beamin

    does anybody else think meek seems like a fake tough guy? he just seems like a pussy ass nigga who raps and thinks his shit don’t stink any more

    • nick money

      Naw meeks not fake i went to highschool eventho he dropped out but yea the dude doesn’t lie what he raps about he couldn’t stay out of jail when he was in philly that’s why nobody wanted to sign in the past but Ross I guess wanted more street cred so he signed meek but I’m surprised at how much buzz meek has got tho its crazy but I guess he deserves it bcuz of how many mixtapes he did

  • Truth

    but real talk “I’m on one” is a sick beat, too bad ross n weezy fucked it up

    • Staks

      Truth that is very true!

  • Dortiz

    House Party! Why isn’t that on the list? Bumping that right now, everyone born from ’89 and on is running shit.

    • Merce Maddux

      LOL. sure

  • Truth

    So, does XXL actually deal with any other artists besides these handful that continuously get mentioned in their best of? Cuz they definitely aren’t “the best of”

  • Krispy

    I usually dont bash on XXL like most of you…but i do have to agree. What the hell XXL? like seriously…do some research… pathetic coming from a HIP HOP magazine. PATHETIC

  • Jermzface

    Just Blaze has never done wrong… But yeah I do agree with everyone, XXL has a shallow mind in their selecting process!

  • Bobby

    “Otis” is the absolute worst beat of the year. It sounds unfinished.

    • Pacer

      Word. While i like WTT – this song is absolute TRASH!

    • John

      Then you don’t know music then

  • Crossword

    Tupac Back had the worst and most overrated beat of the year, just saying

  • harrassdadon

    My Ambition- Wale Beat

  • ymcmbyadigg

    ymcmb killed it this year all 10 should just be weezy and drake ya hurrrd

  • Angelo

    How about Roc Marciano – Emeralds produced by Arch Druids or Jon Connor – No Thrillz produced by Optiks, Mobb Deep/Nas – Get It Forever …all of those beats shit all over anything on this list

  • mac

    what she wil dat was a tuff beat

  • John

    Anything with Rick Ross should be canceled out

  • D.Scott

    Depends how you define “hot”. Hot as in the beat itself was hot? Or hot as in the song itself was hot and had people going crazy in the club and whatnot? Or perhaps a combination…

  • Twan Fanucci

    “Full Metal” by Curren$y & Produced by the Alchemist

  • Ohhh

    I bet every hater on here is a broke ass producer that will never make a living off their music. These beats made loot and they all go hard. Just Blaze doe, “Lord Knows” fire. Get your beats up and stop shit talking.

  • J. Max

    Dayem everybody on WTT ! Most niggas is Dick Ryders. Everybody Caint like the same album. I can’t hate on Jigga or Yeezy. Been they fans since day one, got all they albums. But there was other heat this year, specifically MMG. Give credit where credit is do. Fuck all these niggas on Yeezy and Jigga shit until some other shit come out then they switch. Feel Me

  • Hod_guy

    Best Beat goes to Just Blaze for the actual song “greatest story never told” off Saigon’s Album

  • Eddie