Canibus releasing an online video apologizing to J. Cole 48 hours after dissing him? Fuck outta here, man! While XXL acknowledges Canibus for being man enough to apologize and retract his diss track “J. Clone,” he should have never dissed J. Cole in the first place. Never. Cole has done nothing but compliment and big Canibus up in all his interviews and what does Canibus do in turn? Diss J. Cole. Come on, son! What are you doing, fam? One of the things Canibus took offense to was his belief that Cole “speaks about me like I am dead.” Well, fans haven’t exactly heard from you in a minute, dog. So, was LL, right? Ninety-nine percent of your fans don’t…ehh, let’s not take it there. Let’s stick to the facts: Cole is a rapper built off lyricism, no gimmicks. What’s there not to like, my dude? You jumped off the bridge for that one, homie. What were you trying to do with that diss song? Get a little attention because nobody is checking for you? Damn, Canibus. If you had 48 hours to live, just’d diss J. Cole and take it back. Damn. For Jermaine, who had the No. 1 album in the country earlier this year, it’s Cole World, not to mention Gold World (after his debut LP The Sideline Story reached gold certification). For you Canibus, it’s just a cold world. Frigid. Below zero. Frozen tundra. You definitely had your moment as one of the nicest MCs ever and nobody could take that from you, but that time is long gone, so make music if you want, but before you ever try to diss someone nice and talented, do what you said in your apology and sit your “old ass down some where.”