Fans Review Young Jeezy’s TM:103 Hustlerz Ambition on Twitter

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    Fans have literally been waiting for years for Young Jeezy's <em>TM:103 Hustlerz Ambition</em>. After multiple street singles, radio songs, mixtapes, and release dates, the Def Jam release will finally be hitting stores tomorrow, December 20. Not surprisingly, Jizzle's fourth album sprung a leak last week, just days before it's actual drop date. With listeners from the streets to schools to offices buzzing about the album, <em>XXL</em> decided to reach out to the fans on Twitter to gather their thoughts. Late last week, <em>XXL</em> hosted a live listening session with the @XXLStaff followers on Twitter, previewing each song with the Twittersphere and gathering their varied consensus. Want to know what the rap world thinks of <em>TM:103 Hustlerz Ambition</em>, read on. —<em>XXL Staff</em>
  • 443_jeezy
    <strong>"Waiting"</strong><br />@Bravo_Muzik #TM103 Intro "Waiting" is classic jeezy great intro straight to the point of opening up an album<br />@AyeJoeyRoc great intro<br />@bigbigguy probably the best track imo<br />@MrFrankaLin its dope<br />
  • wiz-khalifa-young-jeezy-homicide-3
    <strong>"What I Do (Just Like That)"</strong><br />@Bravo_Muzik Average Track I call it an album filler but still a good listen<br />@IAmVeedoRich FIRE! #EVERYTHING 103<br />@Black_Opulence Best song on there<br />
  • fabolousyoungjeezy11
    <strong>"OJ"</strong> featuring Jadakiss and Fabolous<br />@re_up_nate they did they thing on that record<br />@BrentBertrand Probably my favorite song on the album....Okay one of them....GREAT beat..<br />@kobe42085 Really, really good. Great collab. #XXLIntern #TM103<br />
  • young-jeezy-waving-flag
    <strong>"Nothing"</strong><br />@davidyerman The beat is insane. my fav track along with SupaFreak & Way Too Gone<br />@DaRealPiffLoudi nothing one of the hottest joints on the album classic jeezy sound<br />
  • futuretonymontana
    <strong>"Way Too Gone"</strong> featuring Future<br />@KevsWorld_ Best song on the lp <br />@Mrmaserati239 amazin ,excellent, cant put enough wordz n a sentence type of track.<br />@davidyerman Club banger<br />@bigbigguy future wasn't necessary on that, the beat was dope, one of my favorites on the album<br />@BugattiBrandon might be my favorite track on the album<br />@GivenchyP great song<br />
  • tity-boi
    <strong>"SupaFreak"</strong> featuring 2 Chainz"<br />@BrentBertrand Only song I wasn't feelin at all....<br />@Bossbags Fire! <br />@BabyBeanCBE that's a classic<br />@robby305 BANGER!!! <br />
  • jeezy
    <strong>"All We Do (Smoke and Fuck)"</strong><br />@artistrickards Filler. I feel nothing about this <br />@davidyerman smoke annnnnnnnnd fuck!<br />@KHellz810 good song for the ladies<br />
  • ne-yo_1528769i
    <strong>"Leave You Alone"</strong> featuring Ne-Yo<br />@Bravo_Muzik Great commercial track that was needed for the album... HIT<br />@ZekielNFab5 mehhhh wasn't needed<br />
  • YoungJeezy
    <strong>"Everythang"</strong><br />@SchoolboyD I used to have nothing i come thru stuntin' ......#HusltersAnthem<br />@Bravo_Muzik "everythang" Classic Jeezy telling it how it is album filler tho<br />@tdutra98 sh*t's sick!<br />
  • jillscott
    <strong>"Trapped"</strong> featuring Jill Scott<br />@KHellz810 Realest song on the album in my opinion<br />@milaadnaderi I can't believe Jill Scott raps like that with all that swag...I liked that one though<br />@BrentBertrand Hell yes...Trapped is a Top 3 track on the album...<br />@Young708Truth Jeezy best REALEST song ever <br />
  • 541_jeezy
    <strong>"F.A.M.E."</strong> featuring T.I.<br />@olo_rozay Fake ass ma'fuckers envy <br />@Salute_TheKing Amazing Song<br />@Bravo_Muzik "F.A.M.E" The Beat down to the Lyrics Down to both artists Chemistry was perfect Great track<br />@BrentBertrand Another one of my favorites...The beginning to the track is awesome...<br />
  • youngjeezyido
    <strong>"I Do"</strong> featuring Jay-Z and Andre 3000<br />@LetsGoWillieTDE I do is ill RT <br />@KevsWorld_ Jeezy, JayZ, 3K .....need I say more<br />
  • snoop-dogg
    <strong>"Higher Learning"</strong> featuring Snoop Dogg, Devin The Dude and Mitchelle'l<br />@Bravo_Muzik "Higher Learning" Smokers track what more can I say #PotHeadsUnited<br />
  • youngjeezytm103
    <strong>"This One's For You"</strong> featuring Trick Daddy<br />@Bravo_Muzik "This Ones for you" Sounds like some shots were sent out track is as real as it gets plus good to hear trick daddy still at it<br />@KHellz810 Dope song, Good to hear a new Trick Daddy verse<br />

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  • ra

    The Snowman has melted……

  • ra

    The Snowman has melted.

  • S.W.A.Ts

    @RA u playin urself, TM103 is strong and potent a good dose.

  • kee

    I cant wait to cop 103 !

  • tsellers

    its a snow go!

  • CaponeMOB

    XXL are you kiddin me?how much is def jam payin yall? by the looks of it this is goin to be the best album from the past 10 yrs.
    every song is “hot” please. i dont even gotta listen to the album to know is not goin to be that good. yall were BIAS on the review,im pretty sure there were plenty of people that wasnt feelin the tracks,but yall just posted the fans that actually liked the tracks…SMH this shit is pointless. its like askin some father if he thinks his daughter is pretty.