Common Talks Drake Beef & More w/DJ Whoo Kid [Video]

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  • jtm

    fuck drake

  • BxRa

    This nigga said he’s standing up for Hip-Hop??? This nigga is mad cuz Drake beat Serena Williams! Hip Hop needs Common to speak up for it???? This nigga drops an album once every 2-3 years that almost nobody listen’s to!!! Niggas be like Common is so dope, Common is a fire spitter, Common is a legend FOH Common nobody checkin for that shit…

    • xyz

      here… take a tissue

    • Matrix

      EXACTLY what I’ve been saying… smh… Drake stays in his lane and because he’s so successful at what he does people cant stand it. Common is and always will be a legend but he takes the “L” in this one just by way of him throwing an unwarranted shot at someone that doesnt bother anyone.

    • Tre

      Only a corny nigga like you would say something like that

  • sen29

    what they fighting over who pants are the tightest

  • ETL

    Common paid dues before his success, Drake didn’t. Common won 1st place when unsigned hype (the source) was a contest over Biggie so we looking at 20 years in the game without selling out, just pure quality hip hop, nothing force fed.

    20 years from now half of the people will not admit being a Drake music fan especially dudes and women as they mature (it will be a joke). Yeah he is very talented but there’s something missing, something that is yet to be exposed but it’s coming.

  • overdose

    Common is now a long time MC and tha guys a legend. But fuck it man. Just because Drizzy’s at the top you gonna diss? Sorry nigga but I;m on the youngmoney top guns side. Bitch

  • SAX

    Y’all not gettin it. He NEVER said that he was makin’ shots at Drake. He stood up for what Hip Hop really is and where it is goin’. He said that if he felt offended by it then oh well. Common talks about real shit and has substance when he opens his mouth. He wasn’t taking anything from Drake.

  • SAX

    A real MC isn’t defined by how many records he drop….are you listening to what he/she is saying? #COMMONsense

  • noneofyabusiness

    Drake has nothing common can hate on obviously common is the more skilled rapper and the more respected rapper so if your trying to say common hatin on drake you don’t know hip hop

  • Opinion

    How can people hate on any rapper?
    Hip-Hop goes where the fans take it, people like music and will listen to what they like.
    Common is considered a hip-hop original, but somewhere along the line hes brought his own sound to hip-hop, is that not what drakes doing today?
    Nobody has to listen to what they dont like, so stop hatin and stick to what you do like, easy as that, stop crying.

    • shard47

      Lol , no its not what drake is doing, Drake is a sell out, mainstream pop artist. Hip hop is the least of what he does. All that sampling and electro and catchy bull crap is why the music industry is pumping millions of dollars on music that is a pathetic excuse and a shadow of its former self. its like nas said. Hip hop is DEAD.