“Make life groove to your beats”

Name: Lino J Delgado
Occupation: DJ
Date of Birth: 19 December 1988
Born: Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Based: Boston, Massachusetts
Hobbies: Dancing, DJing, B-Boying, Music, Digging, and...
Music:Hip Hop
Interests: B-Boying, Deejaying, Traveling, World History, Basketball, Football
Age: 22

How important is style in your line of work?
Very important. For me it’s a lil different from the average kid, just because my dad, he’s really a big part of Boston hip-hop, on all element aspects. So my understanding of style is the essence. The way I play is more based off of the foundation, you know. I’m more known for playing for b-boys, and obviously what they say the golden era of hip-hop. I do play some new stuff too but what I love is that essence and that sound from the golden era, the boom bap.

What about the new guys?
There are a couple of cats right now. I like J. Cole a lot, and from Boston, I [really like] Slaine.

Although he’s known for rocking the party in his hometown, Rock is also an avid history buff. And living in one of the country’s most historically rich cities has its perks. “If you want the Boston experience, I think you should definitely check out the downtown area,” he advises. [Especially] the Freedom trail.” But don’t get it twisted. The b-boy turned DJ still likes to enjoy Beantown’s nightlife. You can catch him spinning, dancing or just chilling in some of his favorite Boston clubs:
The Good Life – Regarded as one of the best clubs in the area, the spot hosts a great hip-hop night called Fresh Produce on the last Saturday of the month.
Middle East – The 550-capacity venue is an institution in Boston that is a haven for rap performers touring through the area.
Middlesex – Cool, laid-back lounge that has a great rotating cast of DJs.

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