“Circle, Spiral, Line--Spin the world!”

Name: Ronnie Abaldonado
Alias: Ronnie Boy
Date of Birth: October 9, 1982
Residence: Las Vegas, NV
Years Dancing: 14
Occupation: B-Boy
Affiliations: Full Force, Super Cr3w, Seven Commandoz

How important is style in your line of work?
Style, as a b-boy, I think originality and of course having charisma and having swagger is really important, because that’s the only way to really express your own individuality. It’s not all about power moves; it’s about really having your own flavor. It’s definitely crucial when it comes to dancing.

How has Las Vegas shaped your style as a dancer?
Growing up in Vegas, me and my crew, we’ve always wanted to have our own show [here]. I represent Super Crew but I dance with [the] Jabbawockeez. So it was almost like a dream come true, after dancing for 14 years, Super Crew and Jabbawockeez we ended up locking down a show here in Las Vegas.

Ronnie Boy is a true Las Vegas native so he enjoys the nightlife on the strip as well as the cool, new up-and-coming spots downtown—an area full of culture that many visitors bypass when visiting Sin City. You can catch the dancing phenom busting a move in some of his favorite LV clubs.
Club XS – Located at Encore Casino, the luxurious new nightclub has an outdoor pool and a rotating line up of dope DJs.
Enter Coins – This new spot downtown has an array of old arcade games (which you could play while sitting at the bar), a DJ booth and a dance floor.
Beauty Bar – This local hangout hosts a hip-hop party the first Friday of every month called The Get Back. As Ronnie says the music there is “more raw, it’s not just typical, mainstream club on the strip.”

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