50 Cent Vs. Drake: Battle of the Sing-A-Long Hooks

Back when Drake first caught the hip-hop world by storm in the summer of 2009, many fans compared the Toronto upstart’s buzz to that of Dec./Jan. 2012 XXL cover boy, 50 Cent, when he first put the rap game in a chokehold six years earlier. Although stylistically each artist couldn’t be more opposite— with one favoring a more aggressive side and another a little more in tune with his emotions—the two have more in common than listeners notice.

First of all, both Fif and Drizzy were able to capitalize off their mixtape hype to earn million dollar record deals, and both artists were able to rise above people’s initial expectations to become superstars. With 50, the industry was scared to get involved with him over his controversial street ties, while with Heartbreak Drake, the fact that he was a half-Jewish, half-Black, former teen actor from Canada wasn’t exactly looked at as a plus. The most notable similarity between the two acts, though, is their penchant for making hit records using their vocal chords. Believe it or not, both 50 and Drake share the exact same amount of Top 40 songs on Billboard‘s Hot 100 chart that features them singing on the track’s hook—14 to be exact. Sure, 50 might not be able to carry a tune like Drake, but his sing-songy choruses helped lay the groundwork for the dominant sound on the radio today. Believe that . —Jesse Gissen (@jessexxl)


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  • Tru Talk

    Wasn’t Tony Yayo feat. 50 Cent “So Seductive” a top 40 also??? 50 harmonized that hook


    can anyone tell me Games total red album sales??? total for U.S and total worldwide?..cant find it anywhere..Wikipedia not updating the #s…hope he makes gold..he earned it…

  • gal

    game didnt make gold.. he sold in the first week world wide 300 thousands copies .. i dont know now…

  • Mad Wolf Dick

    The name of this article should be the Bone Thugs N Harmony/JaRule rejects… The funny thing is that 50 actually use to crack on JaRule because of his singing…

  • hiphop

    The only difference is that Drake knows he is a hip hop and rnb singer, whereas 50 still thinks he’s a rapper that doesn’t sing! U jacked Ja Rule for singing on the hooks of his songs and claimed he should go and do songs with Justin Timberlake and other singers, what happens…Ayo Technology! Blackchild called it right, you are the Real Wanksta! Fake ass gangster! Props to Drizzie, he’s smashin everything right now, but can still see him falling off soon because he doesn’t look like he can switch his styles if he becomes more slept on! Whatever anyone thinks, 50 is a sellout, plus i’d probably say Ja Rule is a better lyricist than 50 anyway and i’m not even a fan of Ja Rule!

  • ff1one

    1. props to 50 for having all them #1 hits. In comparison to Drake 50 trumpt him on that card.

    2. 50 is a huge hyporicte. He stole ja rules fans and his style. tru dat bone thugs been singing hell kurtis blow been singing…its always been apart of hip hop.

    3. Drake is consistent with his flow and style. drake can actually sing but what makes his how image piss people off is what he is singing about. dude constantly is getting his heart broke by strippers? come on son, i’m just saying do betta

  • http://xxl Biged

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  • fastflipper

    drake sing

    50 cent got singny flow

  • T

    Ahhhh shut the fuck up. I’m so tired of all the 50 hate messages on threads. Aww 50 jacked ja’s flow, he’s singing, he stole his fans really? how do u steal fans? If ur a fan of hip hop n a new artist comes out ur going to gain fans anyways. He did not jack ja’s flow how is 50 singing. By “Saying Hate it or love it the underdogs on top”? Or “I’ll take u to the candy shop” or maybe it’s “Have a baby by me baby, be a millionaire” He clearly just took a verse off “I Get money” entered it over a new beat, had it reply a couple of times n there u go. It’s called sampling. Drake, Ja Rule other artist do it all the time. Stop trying to hate on someone for a dumb ass reason or something u hear wat ur friend said or u see on the comment below u. What yall saying makes no damn sense.

  • http://xxl Casey Sparxx

    Cosign T, 50 Cent all the way..