Young Jeezy Talks Collabo With Jay-Z, Andre 3000 [Video]

Young Jeezy had the hip-hop world going crazy on Friday (November 18) when he released the track “I Do,” his highly anticipated collaboration with Jay-Z and Andre 3000 from his forthcoming LP, TM:103 ‘Hustlerz Ambition.’

Young Jeezy told XXL that the joint record was a big milestone for him.

“I grew up watchin’ these cats,” Jizzle said about working with Hov and 3 Stacks, “[so] to align myself with them to have a great record, to me, was showing that, ‘OK I’m here to stay.’ I get it. Of course trap music is what I do but now the world is my trap so this is how we’re gonna feed ’em and show ’em I’m a boss. I’ma boss up. I’ma surround myself with some people that are legends ’cause that’s only gonna mean one thing, that when it’s all said and done, I’m gonna be a legend as well.”

“I Do” is just one of several hit songs on TM: 103, according to the snowman, who is also excited about his new record with soul singer Jill Scott and his banger with Snoop Dogg and Devin the Dude.

“The Jill Scott record, which is crazy, it’s called ‘Trap,’ basically sums my life story up in a song,” he said, adding that “’Higher Learning’ with Snoop and Devin…it’s a different feel for me, but it shows people that I sit back in the cut and I observe.”

TM:103 is set to hit stores on December 20 via Def Jam Recordings.—Elan Mancini, additional reporting by Mark Lelinwalla and Shaheem Reid

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  • iamlegend100

    Get em Jeezy, TM103 on da way.Trap music at its finest, please believe!!!

  • atown don

    Yeah Jezzy that’s right… You better get all the features you can!! You NEED THEM… No hate simply keepin it real

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    …and what’s wrong with features atown don? Enlighten me on that bro. TM:103! Get’em Jeezy!

  • Tommy

    I luv Jeezy bruh, still bumbing Real Is Back 1&2. That hoody he wearing is sick as ish and Im looking forward to that TM103. Having said that, I gotta tell you, that “I Do” song is boderline wack. U have JayZ, Andre 3Stacks and Jeezy on one record and this is not what I was expecting. Not in a surprising, creative kinda way. It was just corny. The whole F’n chorus is “I do, I do, I do…” F that ish. Still checking for TM103 but damn. It was too soft for the climate we’re in. In order to stand out we need that hard shit. I don’t want to hear some Drake Degrassi Big Sean Candy Cane bull… Anyways, Happy Thanksgiving!! Celebrate the germ infested pilgrims that wiped out a whole continent, then rush out and buy some shit u don’t need to keep this Capitalism machine running. I need some sleep. Peace.

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