Yelawolf Calls Machine Gun Kelly “Sensitive” During Radio Interview

Shots fired!

During an interview with Las Vegas, Nevada, Hot 97.5 radio host Bootleg Kev, Yelawolf talked about Machine Gun Kelly taking offense to his verse during the BET Cypher, claiming, “He’s being sensitive [if] he thinks I’m talking about him.”

This comes after MGK’s appearance on New York’s Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club morning show last week where he said he felt Yela was taking subliminal shots at him with his cypher verse. “Real talk, I just think he takes shots at me in every one of his raps, like the BET cypher,” Kelly said. “I felt like that was all about me.”

Yela replied with some hostility, suggesting, “The best thing that he could do is if he has a problem, if he has something he needs to say, just say my name, dog…. Machine Gun Kelly, If you want it come get it… If you feeling froggy, jump muthafucka.”

Yelawolf’s upcoming album, Radioactive, is scheduled to hit stores November 21st, while his latest Kid Rock-assisted single, “Let’s Roll,” is currently on iTunes. —Ralph Bristout

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  • UptownVillaz

    i dont like that he’s starting beef… MGK isnt as big as him. it may work negatively against him, MGK may just be lookin for a piggy back.

  • BSD

    he isn’t starting beef. MGK started it. He thinks yela took shots on him on his cypher. Even though there are plenty white rappers. MGK is sensitive and cathes feelings like a female. No wonder he signed with diddy. He go soft.

    • ernie

      you’re an idiot.

  • RealNigga

    why does rap have to be so damn stereotypical???? two white rappers going at it for “the white rapper” crown…..why can’t they co-exist????? this is just slightly different between the Nicki & Kim Beef…..and I saw this happening at least 6 months ago once I started hearing about MGK…..I guess in their minds there can only be one…SMH

    • AnteK

      Mac miller, Asher Roth, Vinnie Paz

      … There can be only one?? mane you arent exactly the proffesor of white rappers are ye?

  • jrash87

    And this xxl is my piont exact! you guys canthelp yourselves but yet another beef to try to generate interest. go shove a fist up your stereotypical arse.. american hiphop is shit compared to aussie rap, and we are gonna prove it to yous, obese records, phatta than ya mamma,why is it better? because we dont need fake hollywood controversy to sell records, we just make awesome hiphop.

    • Nolaboy504

      Yea you right, Americans cant rap, we dont have hard pressing issues like yall do down under, the plight of the kangaroo, and whatever happened to crocodile dundee. Yea yall got the hard pressing issues.

      • jrash87

        fairly shit remark, was that suppost to offend me? dundee? kagaroos? dude if you came across a roo it would kill you.. so you think we dont have hard pressing matters? listen mate, i grew up in a shed, with no electricity or runnuing water, with my mum an step farther getting 400 a fortnight. so fuck you. We also have massive bush fires that wipe out towns, floods that drown citys, and cyclones that destroy states. we also have some of the best crooks the worlds ever produced,hey chopper reid in his younger days woulda kick half of your silcon asses. we also got ned kelly. over in this country, its the oppiste here, the goverment looks after every race here except 4 us whites.. and dont go on about slavery to me, i got a long line of convicts in my blood. racsim is fucking high in this country, you cant walk down the street without getting jumpd. Come to down under brother an ill show you what true blue really means ya cunt, right here in caboolture. so dont make any stupid decsisions there mr bush. and thanks for admitting that you guys cant rap, cuz its true..

  • murdrmike

    i think em still owns the white rapper crown

  • JugularKill

    I’m sorry I’m a bad person but I love seeing white people beef.

    I remember when I stepped out a club (95% BLACK) and saw 2 white guys fighting. I loved it.

    Real talk I don’t really like it but it’s like….hey tables turned. White people love watching us fight each other, funny to see it the other way

  • PapaJon

    Two things. First, Yelawolf talkin’ some bullshit in this interview. “Say my name” MF? Okay, then if you weren’t talking about Kelly in the Cypher when you mention “other white rappers” then who WERE you talking about? “Say their names” Yela. Second, this is a stupid-ass beef. Internet idiots already compare these two way too much, even though the ONLY thing they have in common is skin color and tatoos. This bullshit only gonna make it worse. Bootleg Kev is an ass for instigating.


    Jelly Roll and Yelawolf are the only white rappers worth payin attention to out of the newer cats, the rest are hot garbage.



  • black jesus

    ive never heard of either of these two white boys before.

  • Damian Deluxe

    hahahah,,,,compare a 22 to a 50 cal =…oh and the 22 shot by a bitch named mgk…….blakablaka

    • Damian “Deluxe” Bujanda

      i met yelawolf at the pre grammy freinds and family event….real talk i never met someone more appreciative and humble as him. he listened to me spit and introduced me to KP…hope one day we do a track…mgk needs to focus on himself and not compare his craft to anyone elses…be happy he has the chance to be were he is cuz if he does not…he will loose it….to me….shit….yaddadaaaaaaa


    Dude, all of yall are way wrong. i understand everyone is entitled to there opinion but Kells is way better than yella, em or even wayne so everybody better LACE THA FUCK UP and quit bein bitches. Cleveland wat up?

  • FastRapFRomGRammyParamountParty

    Yelawolf man you did pop the trunk at the grammy pre party at paramount and you said ” I see you homie and dapped me off” I was hypin your shit…my music is from 06 And I’ve advanced and grew so much….I was workin with trees from interscope but he thought I was fuckin his bitch didn’t realize it’s MOB…and Joe Warlick…he did games documentary and tech work on pacs all book 1 and 2 …….Im capable of being the best hype man you could EVER have… is i can chop sick…two i love your music..and three im qualified for real doggy im down..we have the same story except I’m a warvet……artistdamian

  • bigs

    yela would fucking destroy mgk

  • blaze

    oh wow did that kid just say mgk was better then yella and em rofl dead

  • blaze

    honestly bro em came up battle rapping and ending mother fuckers careers on the mic while mgk jumped on diddys bandwagon and just started making a bunch of hip pop dance music