Wale's sophomore album, Ambition, hit stores yesterday (November 1) with a bang. With this being the first release for the D.C.-native since signing with Rick Ross's Maybach Music, the pressure is on. Mr. Folarin, himself, was holding himself to a higher standard with this one. He told XXLMag.com back in August, he wants to be the first Freshman to release a classic.

“None of us have been able to create a critically acclaimed album so to speak,” Wale said. “That was my goal to try to do that. I ain’t really into selling because I’m doing pretty good. I got records on the radio for the first time in my career.”

The MMG rep secured a XL rating from us just yesterday, but that doesn't necceasarily equate to first-week sales.

The XXL staff weighed in with their projections

Vanessa Satten - 99,000

Jayson Rodriguez - 75,000

Carl Chery - 56,000

Adam Fleischer - 176,000

Amber McKynzie - 177,000

Jesse Gissen - 50,000

Mark Lelinwalla - 90,000

Samtubia Edwards - 55,000

Mariel Concepcion - 60,000

Ralph Bristout - 85,000

Shaheem Reid - 125,000

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