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With Sex Week in the air, the ladies of XXL have combed through hip-hop’s most attractive and sizable MCs only to find 25 of rap’s most captivating faces. From LL Cool J’s constantly licked lips to Common’s hypnotizing look, XXL counts down hip-hop’s most moistening, flexible and talented men (and women).—XXL Staff

25. Lil Wayne


Weezy is the self-proclaimed Pussy Monster. He’ll eat your woman ‘til she cries. Enough said.

24. Foxy Brown


Foxy came in the game as a nasty girl. Full lips, thick hips and she was one bad mama jamma. All while asserting she had the illest na na on the planet.

23. Soulja Boy


His pretty boy swag got the world to take notice. He may have come in the game as a 16-year-old kid, but he’s ready to show his fans he’s a 21-year-old man.

22. Lil' Kim


No T-shirt, no bra, just shorts and suspenders. The Queen B could pull any man back in the day. If that didn’t work, all it took was stripped panties and a lollipop. How many licks does it take to get to the center of a uh-uh?

21. Fabolous


Loso’s the Twitter king. Everyday he makes 1.3 million people, at least half of those, probably, women, swoon to his verbal wit and astute mind.

20. Salt of Salt

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She used her cherry-red lips to talk about sex, then she put on some daisy dukes that made you wanna shoop. Her street edge and sex appeal was “enough to get you hot and make you sweat,” and still respect her in the morning.

19. J. Cole


As hip-hop’s Southern gentleman, girls are ready to take him straight to mama’s house. And when mama’s not looking, they’ve already prepared his work out plan. But if you ask Paula Abdul, it may not be more than a one-night stand.

18. Eve


Even though “dicks brick when she licks the lips,” it’s the paw prints across her chest that make men “want to pet the kitten.”

17. Mos Def


Studious and intellectual, Mos is definitely every librarian’s dream. Knowing it’s the quiet ones you have to watch out for, he will keep plenty of panties wet.

16. Trina


As hip-hop’s self-proclaimed, "Baddest Bitch," the Queen of Miami uses her thick thighs and luscious lips to make you “cum til your numb,” and doesn’t care if they’re talking tomorrow.

15. Lloyd Banks


Every good girl loves a bad guy. With the Statue of Liberty inked down his chiseled back, this Queens-bred MC will always have the ladies screaming for more.

14. Cam'ron


Mystery and sex appeal sometimes just aren’t enough. Harlem’s bad boy wants to know what means the world to you, and he’s not afraid to ask you in a pink mink. Get ya Wet Wipes, too.

13. 50 Cent


Aside from Fif's bulletproof body and washboard abs, it seems as though his debonair smile is really what gets the ladies ready to open the candy shop. And don't forget ... he's got the magic stick!

12. Drake


Physically, Drake may look like just another cat. But when you take a listen to his lyrics, starting as far back as his 2009 mixtape, So Far Gone, you can instantly tell the Toronto native loves, er, pussy, and has no shame in letting it be known. It’s as simple as that.

11. Joe Budden


Joe Budden loves the ladies and the ladies love him. The New Jersey rapper has had a long list of tumultuous relationships with video beauties, including Tahiry and Esther Baxter. But it’s exactly his rough demeanor that gets the panties falling every time. Joe’s also a straight shooter—pun intended—and is as honest as they come (just check out his Tweets), which probably draws the ladies in even more.

10. Bow Wow


Even before he entered adulthood, Bow Wow was a sight for sore eyes. But now that he’s a grown ass man, it’s hard to deny Bow’s sexy. His silky-smooth caramel skin, his hazel eyes, his charming smile and overall innocent looks (although innocent he isn’t, according to the gossip sites) make the ladies crazy for Bow Weezy.

9. Nas

Nas 12

There’s nothing sexier than a man with some mystery. Nas’s pensive look and gazing eyes do just that. It doesn’t help that the Queensbridge MC is one of the greatest to ever do it, even putting Jay-Z to shame during their much-publicized feud a couple of years ago, which adds to his allure. And when you factor in his raspy, almost-Mafioso-sounding voice with those youthful looks, it’s a recipe for yumminess.

8. Pharrell Williams


Let’s face it, skateboard P is full of swag and originality. The rapper/producer doesn’t easily follow trends, instead, he starts his own; including his popular Billionaire Boys Club clothing line and his recent endorsement for boot brand Palladium. He also has slanted eyes, high cheekbones and a sharp facial structure for added sex appeal.

7. Andre 3000


Full, sexy lips, an ear-to-ear smile to die for and enough poise to rock straw hats and high-wasted bell bottom pants any day of the week is what gets this in-high-demand rapper nominated at no. 7. Not to mention his ability to effortlessly rock a mic, which means 3 Stacks is not only looks, he’s brains, too.

6. Nicki Minaj


Let’s just state the obvious: Nicki Minaj has a great ass. Still, while her plump, protruding derriere is a reason for much chatter around the water cooler, there’s more to the Queens MC than just that booty. An angelic face equipped with dimples, perfectly-perky C-cups, a flat tummy and a tiny waist are all part of the full deal.

5. Method Man


F what you heard, most ladies want a thuggish, ruggish dude with enough swag to hang with the corner dudes, if need be. Method Man has enough of that to go around the block and them some. But, when you look past that layer, one sees that Method Man is indeed a sexy piece of chocolate deluxe trapped in a trapper’s body. We’re not mad at you, Meth.

4. Common


From his welcoming smile, perfectly positioned freckles and charming personality, Common has all the physical attributes of a sexy rapper. In addition, his balance between good boy and naughty MC makes him that much more appealing to the females. The bonus characteristics include his baldhead and his full, grown-man-type facial hair.

3. Nelly


At first glance, Nelly may be a little rough around the edges (who can forget that face band-aid he rocked for the first part of his rap career?). But the “Country Grammar” spitter’s bad boy antics are all part of his charm. Add to that those sleeve-shattering biceps (evident by way of those steamy 2008 Sean John underwear ads) and his boyish smile, and Nelly might be the full package.

2. T.I.


He may be a little under average height and a bit under average weight, but there’s this je ne sais quoi about T.I. that drives the ladies insane. Maybe it’s his confident smile or, much like his predecessor, the constant licking of the lips that turns women all the way on. Whatever it may be, T.I. is definitely the epitome of sexy coming in all sizes. No Napoleon complex here!

1. LL Cool J


It is safe to say LL Cool J was the first true male sex symbol in hip-hop. Considering his adorable dimples, sparkly whites, chiseled physique and lip-licking habit, it’s no wonder the Queens rapper calls himself Ladies Love Cool James; because, well, they really do. Tall, dark and handsome is an understatement for this heavenly goodness.