What's the fate of Rick Ross' Maybach Music Group?


It’s been a tough couple of months for Rick Ross. First he suffered two seizures in October, then his album had to get pushed back because of his unfortunate health scare and just yesterday (November 29) news broke that Maybach, the luxury car brand that Ross named his record label after, announced its demise. Where does that leave Rozay? Will he have to change the name of his Maybach Music Group? If so, XXL has a few suggestions. —Jesse Gissen @JesseXXL

Aston Martin Music


Aston Martins are still in production, at least as of press time, and with a hit song that could serve as the label’s theme, this seems like the most logical choice. “In my two seater she’s the one that I would take.”

Mafia Music


The Teflon Don already has a penchant for keeping his silk shirts unbuttoned like a real Goodfella. John Gotti might not be a fan of Ross' race, but then again he’s dead and, if Rozay rechristens the label’s name to Mafia Music Group, he wouldn’t even have to change the logo or the jewelry.

Cigar Music


XXL isn’t exactly sure how ‘cigar music’ sounds as a genre, but the 2009 Bink!-produced banger by Rozay sure is dope.

Boss Music


He might not have a track called "Boss Music"…yet…but he is the Bawse. BMG has a familiar ring to it, doesn't it?

Beard Gang


If there is one characteristic that Ross is known for it’s his beautifully manicured beard. He already signed fellow facial haired phenom Stalley, now he just needs Meek Milly, Wale and Pill to grow out their whiskers and everyone’ll be on the same page.