With the advent of the Internet, hip-hop fans don’t go out to the stores like the used to purchase physical copies of the latest rap CDs. Luckily for readers, XXL does. And the staff’s favorite thing to do besides listening to the music on said disc, is reading the liner notes. How else is a music nerd gonna find out who produced certain records or what songs were sampled or where the album was actually mixed and mastered. One of the slept on gems of the CD booklet is the rapper’s thank you list. Every LP has it and they can be quite entertaining. In light of Thanksgiving, XXL scoured through the staff’s record collection to select the most notable shout outs on the thank you lists, to showcase what your favorite MCs are grateful for. You could thank XXL now. —Jesse Gissen and Christopher Minaya

Kanye West, The College Dropout 2004


“THANK GOD!!! Thank u so much, you’ve worked miracles in my life, I always use 2 think, why there no good rappers on GOD’s side??? I know I’m not where [I] need 2 be, matter fact, far from it! but ... well u know when a nigga use the word but, he finna come with an excuse ... I don’t got no excuse, you spared my life and I still be on bullshit! AMEN! You are the executive producer of my life thank u!”

G-Unit, Beg for Mercy 2003


“All the fiends who bought drugs from me.” –Young Buck

Big Sean, Finally Famous 2011


•“I also want to thank my Grandma for always supporting me and putting me through private school when I was young and for continuing to support me even when I did the opposite of what she wanted me to do, like when I decided not to go to school.”

•“Drake for being a real dude and helping to raise my awareness by letting people know that I created that rhyme scheme that everyone thought he created. Thanks for giving me the recognition for it. (And thanks to the whole rap game for using my rhyme scheme...”

Drake, Take Care 2011


•“To my business manager David Bolno… Also thanks for bearing such a striking resemblance to Ben Affleck... that always comforts me.”

•“Thanks to Tremendous Chinese Food and the guy across the parking lot that makes the steak sandwiches for us once in a while .. you are a good sandwich maker.”

•“Serena Williams (you have given me a very exciting year and I am so grateful to have you in my life…”

50 Cent, Get Rich or Die Tryin’ 2003


“A big shout out to myself for getting me out the hood.”

Rick Ross, Port of Miami 2006


“Denard Bouie (I made him eat a gold fish)”

B.o.B, The Adventures of Bobby Ray 2010


“Words cannot accurately express the gratitude I feel towards the Universe for selecting me to become a character such as “B.o.B”” and have the opportunity to impact worldwide consciousness.”

K'Naan, Troubadour 2009


“WAR, Warlords, Immigration, Border guards (I see you), Metro housing projects, Drive by shooters, Police, Correctional facilities, Financial institutions, Public schools, Case workers at Social Services, Depression, Anxiety, The month of October, Solitude... Bad songs on the radio, That same music video that’s been playing for8 years, power-trippin’ bouncers, Promoters and Stage managers, Radio programmers afraid to play my songs, Headliners afraid to follow my band, just fear in general. Aggression, Inequality, Division, Brutality, Ignorance, Greed, Corporate Journalism, Lies.”

Cam'ron, Come Home With Me 2002


“And because administration always messes up my ‘thank you’s’ ...... if you my N***a, you know you’re my N***a and, if you my B**ch, you know you’re my B**ch! Dip Set!”

Eminem, The Marshall Mathers LP 2000


“Eminem would like to thank everyone that knows they deserve it. And fuck you to everyone that deserves it too.”

Styles P, Time Is Money 2006


“Whoever I forgot my bad show up more often on holidays or something. Love yu anyway though.”

Jay-Z, Vol. 3… Life and Times of S. Carter 1999


“Yo! I only had one hour to hand this in (_________) Do you!”

DJ Kay Slay, The Champions: The North Meets the South 2006


“If I ain’t mention dot act like a bitch about it...”