T.I. Talks Trouble Man & Dream Collabos [Video]

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  • Gucci Mane the Snowman

    Kesha, Bruno mars, Frank Ocean, Miguel????? This is just wrong, fuckin wrong Cmooooon T.I.P.

    Ok Cee-lo would maybe be kinda good but what about Mac Boney, Killer Mike, Jazze Pha, 8Ball & MJG & Bun B

    u said Trap Muzik so let us have that again

    • matty21

      dats crazy… u dont want branching out? betters, grows, promotes, and spreads hip hop n da game as a whole…and u gotta grow and try new things as an artist, as ur carear goes on: “progression” …and u 4got about the ‘Adele’ part, n there might be a reason for that… and all those artists cool, yea, wether we like it or not… but he did say Adele, and thats the shit; shes the shit… it would be the shit; talk about Collaborating… i wanna c it all ha, wanna see him, whoever, work with gaga, adele…all of em, any good true artist

      • Will Morebucks

        If he wants to branch out, say you’re trying new things, but don’t sit here and say, “I’m goin back to the old TI” when you’re really not. It’s pretty misleading, and as a fan of I’m Serious, In the Streets Vol.1 and 2, and Trap Muzik, I def won’t buy the album if this is the sound he’s goin for.

        • matty21

          mannnn, i’ma fan of ALLL that as well ha 4sure, for years…. i started out on that, “it” started out on that…. its about going back to that, trying by the way and its hard, but making it BETTER… u want him to go make ‘Trap Muzik’ and all u said all over again? that just doesnt sound right, dont wanna say sounds stupid, but… listen to i’m flexin, listen to pyro, listen to ALL the feature verses he puttin out lol…. i mean, u gotta get it, gotta c it… n focus on whats good and whats there, good 4 da game – not all da negative… it’s progression, and its progressing and going back to roots at same time – never know what sound u might come up with…its also about finding that new sound, different…maybe in another 30years or sumthing, they will go back and re-master ‘Trap Muzik’ and the mixtapes, and all the other classics, and release them with some cool footage and bonus tracks, and a ‘Greatest Hits’ album.. like they do for the stones and nirvana, and whoever else; but right now its lets get it, and the music is being made, some one obviously wants contribution 2 da game, and THATS what its about… trap muzik is trap muzik, and it aint dead… “i’m still in the trap, like a god damn brick – cuz i love the hood, the king aint dead” …

        • matty21

          N dats your call if you’re going to get the album or not; support it, or dont… but if another ‘Trap Muzik’ is made, almost exactly the same like you’re saying i guess, then FOR SURE almost no1 will buy or support the album in present time… he releases ‘Trap Muzik’ again and aint moving or doing shit lol… ‘Trap Muzik’ is there to be bought, its sitting there on the shelf NOW, to go back and be bought; and probably will be for a long time with da others… going back 2 da roots is listen to da difference between ‘Paper Trail’ and what it did, compared 2 the music and verses hes putting out now: he’s going back to his roots, its true

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  • matty21

    … it’s all music… and we love it