Soulja Boy isn’t going anywhere. The first rapper to become a millionaire off of the Interwebs is still as prolific as ever, cranking out new material on the regular. Just last week he dropped his latest mixtape, Skate Boy, and three weeks before that a documentary on his rise to fame, aptly titled, Soulja Boy: The Movie, hit shelves.

The flick, directed by Peter Spirer (Beef, Thug Angel) explores how the World Wide Web made SB an international star, while it also provided a platform for him to get int0 trouble.

XXL recently sat down with SOD Money Gang general to talk about the DVD, his house getting broken into, his relationship with former rap partner Arab, as well as working on his as-yet-untitled, forthcoming fourth album. Pass the popcorn. —Amber McKynzie, @amack_XXL

So you just dropped Soulja Boy: The Movie, a few weeks ago. How did that come about?

While I was out in LA, I actually was approached by Peter Spirer, who did Tupac’s Thug Angel, [and] Notorious B.I.G.'s Bigger Than Life. [He] approached me in Los Angeles with the idea for this project, and the way they presented it to me I couldn’t say no. I wanted my story to be told. I’ve been in it for a minute, but I’m still new to the game. It’s like what I did for hip-hop, I definitely want that to be showed. I want my fans to be able to know more about me; the person behind the name.

Can you walk XXL's readers through what they can expect from the movie?

Yeah man, it covers just so much! It goes from the first single, to the "Crank Dat" dance craze, to the YouTube views, to the third album not doing good, to the robberies, to the sold out concerts; tours across the world, Brazil Amsterdam, London, Paris, Tokyo, Japan, the whole United States. It’s just gonna give all the fans just that insight that they lookin’ for. They wanna know as much as they can about they favorite rapper, and that’s what this movie [is] here for.

Being that the movie is a documentary, was there anything emotional about the filming process?

Yeah, man. Definitely the robbery. The home invasion that took place, that was a real personal topic. When they touched on it in the movie, it was crazy to just see my personal life out there in the open like that. Other than that, really just me and Arab’s friendship.

At one time you were getting a lot of hate from some old heads in the game. Is that addressed in the movie?

I think I know what you’re talking about, and that’s definitely gonna be in the movie. They touched on that in a certain chapter. Anything you do you’re gonna have haters with it. That’s just life. If you a girl and you look good in school, the other girls gonna start hatin’ on you. If you a good rapper, you gonna have other rappers that are gonna hate on you. The hatin’, the criticism and everything, I’ve just gotten better with it, and take it in stride. I could be in way worse positions than somebody hatin’ on me. As long as I’m still doin’ me and I’m great at it and I’m on top of my craft, hatin’ is just whatever.

So what was the best part about making the movie?

Well I had this one thing when I was like moon walking on like $50,000, that was pretty cool. And then there was this one part when I was on stage and I threw some money in the crowd, and the security for the venue was picking up the money. I was just like, “Wow!” I was like ya’ll supposed to be watching my back, [but] security pickin’ up the money. That really made me laugh. Like, they didn’t really care, they was just gonna lose their jobs to pick up stacks. [Laughs.] I woulda picked the money up too.

Aight, so let's switch it up and talk about your next album. This is going to to be album number four for you. Are you working with anyone in particular?

Me and Busta goin’ in. We was really just coming up with some concepts. With this music I just really wanted to take it to that next level this time.

Did you ever think you'd be able to make it this far in your career? How does it feel to be up to album four?

I mean it feels good. It’s amazing. It’s definitely better than a lot of places I could be right now. It's way better than that, it’s an honor. My label came through. It’s like, We really want Soulja Boy to put out this next album, and we wanna meet his requirements for this project. They really behind it. If I put my heart into somethin’, I’m gonna need that team to be with it. I got the whole building behind the project. Four albums deep, and workin’ with some of the hip-hop vets like Snoop Dogg and we was workin’ with Tupac, workin’ with 50 Cent, workin’ with everybody. I just wanna stake my place in hip-hop man and in the music industry. After it’s all said and done, like you look back at Soulja Boy and that’s that dude who brought in that digital revolution [and] that social media aspect of the game. I really wanna leave my mark, and that’s what I’m gonna do with this next album.