Piers Morgan’s Hip-Hop Heavy Gym Playlist

During his interview with 50 Cent on CNN last night, Piers Morgan revealed that Fif’s classic song, “In Da Club,” was not only one of his favorite songs, but that it’s the top song on his workout playlist. With that in mind, XXL has a few more suggestions for the newscaster to throw on his iPod, to keep him sweating in the gym. Press Play.

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  • Pale Horse

    I remember when 50 dissed Jay-Z for going on all these talk show and how it proved Hov was a “pass the grey poupon nigga” and a saleout. smh

    BIPOLAR BITCH!!!!!!!!

    • Capone Mob

      yhea but theres a big diffrence between 50 and jay. 50 cent was goin on all these talk shows when he realesed his book the 50th law.and when he comes out on new movies he go’s out to these talk shows. he got to promote his products out side the hip hop community. jay never been in no big time movies with robert dinero and shit like that.he never realesed a book with robert greene. thats a whole diffrent tax bracket.

      plus you know 50,he loves creating controversy anyway.


    word to 50, saying “ACTUAL” before, during or after a sentence does not make the message you are trying too convey sound more intelligent…you annoying with that shit, planet of the apes looking chump