Myke Charles Talks NBC’s The Sing-Off, Writing to Eminem & Drake Comparisons

Your group got a lot of attention for your performance on this season’s first episode for Eminem’s “Love the Way You Lie.” Who’s idea was that?

They (the producers) like to come to us and say, “Here’s the theme. If you guys had any choice in the world, what would you do?” But, I mean there’s eight members in our group alone, that’s a lot of opinions. We wanted to do “Love the Way You Lie” for the first episode, [but] you have the legal side of things. Eminem would not clear this song to save our lives. We had 10 days until the first taping, and the producers were like, “Eminem hasn’t cleared the song so we’re going to give you a completely different song. We’re working on this [new] song,[then] the Wednesday night before the show we get a call. “Eminem cleared.” I had to write Eminem a personal letter. They pulled footage of me from freestyle battles that I’ve done…That’s the song we wanted to do from the beginning.

You also recently performed BBD’s “Poison.” In a pre-performance confession, you said, “If Shawn [Stockman] is not out of his chair by the end of this performance, I don’t think we’ve succeeded.” Shawn was signed to by Michael Bivins, were you nervous to perform the song?

I think that maybe my favorite performance. The minute we got that song, we started talking about the correlation between Michael Bivins and Shawn Stockman. It was like we had to go out there and kill this thing. There was nerves there for sure. I was playing right to Shawn sometimes, you know, ‘I’m determined to make you feel this man.’ We didn’t think that was gonna happen but at the end of it he had all good things to say.

Because you rap and sing, do you see yourself often getting compared to Drake?

It’s a little disheartening, I guess, that there’s already going to be that comparison just because I rap and sing. The sad part is that he’s been doing it about as many years as I['ve] been doing it, and I’ve been doing it since like, the 7th grade. Long before I knew who Drake was, or knew him as “Wheelchair Jimmy.” So I’m like cool, Compare me to Drake. That’s a compliment. I’m going to keep doing my thing regardless.

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  • SlimNatey


    It’s cool to see someone from Colorado get recognition

  • Jermz

    NO H OMO, but I watched him on the Sing-Off a couple of times and he has a dope delivery. If he can write some dope lyrics he would be a nice addition to Hip-Hop

  • Jomeezius

    Myke Charles!!! Proud of you man…next ladder rung now buddy…

    • GreatMathias

      Jomeezius the Genius? If so, you should try to hook this dude up with Strange somehow haha, he’s dope.

  • Kezi

    His original shit is dope. Some haters are saying he’s just doing other people’s music on the show (duh), but they obviously haven’t heard his music outside of the Sing-Off. He’s killin it.

  • Ryan Tcheng

    MYKE putting the CO on the map ppl….better jump on NBC history in the making monday nights. FRESH BREATH UP

  • Ryan Tcheng

    myke ft kontrast “I’m on one remix” drake should of jus got these two to top the song off with him.. check it out on youtube FBC

  • Mike

    So he does covers of other people’s song? so what

    • Mike’s HUUURRRT peep it. Dude has mad original material. Every song on “The Sing-Off” is a cover lol.

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