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  • RJII

    I am not hating but I just don’t understand what he has done to earn the cover?

    • vo

      its how hes used the internet to blow up. hes never had any radio play and hes becoming a regular name. the new music business meaning using social networking for growth.Heard

    • Tim_Kline

      Hasn’t done SHIT. . . Tech N9ne has done everything this punk ass bitch has. . . And for twice as long! . . Mac isn’t doing 200 live shows a year on average. . He isn’t the most successful Indy artist of ALL-TIME. . So what does he know about business? Not shit. . He is GARBAGE!

      • Tech 9 is gay

        Dude Tech 9 is corny as fuck and paints his face like ICP. He is also the worst dressed rapper of all time. Stop hating and him and get your own money right.

      • Andrew Donnan

        Mac has quite the resume and knows alot more people the many expect. BUN B. nuff said in that category. the kid just loves music and is a smart networker.

  • jaz colz

    mac miller is the best rapper ever an he doin his thing everyday.MOST DOPE

  • 905

    WACK MILLER …..softest fuckn kid … him n Justin

  • Dgold

    Yall are fuckin faggots. Kid has more fans than most rappers. He’s fucking 19. He already has over 25,000 preorders on his album? What has he done to deserve the cover? Fucking everything


    Pittsburgh stand da fuck up for Mac. You deserve it homie !!!!!!!
    Stop Hatin’
    412 we in here

  • kk41510

    So fuckin what if he has fans. Wack rappers have fans too… Does he have a following? Who cares if he’s 19 so fuckin what!! His flows and lyrics are similar and common to most… “Wack Similler” is not spittin flows that are un-like any other rapper in the game? And if you think this nerd is even fuckin wit TechN9ne… well then I guess when it comes to hip-hop you’re jus wack and similler too!

    • ripsta

      hey this kid mac doing his thing. no need to hate. everybody has different taste in music. tech 9 is cool and so is mac. its just music kid, relax. if hes not up to your standards of what an MC is, then why even post a comment? stop the hate folks. its WACK

  • @_STEEZYc0

    lol ripsta gay as hell “stop the hate folks. its WACK”
    Mac’s dope as hell tho yall trippin nigga can spit ive been followin him for about 2 years as he released albums Also because he used the internet to reach to fans. tech 9 is trash

  • kkbaby

    mac miller is good, all u niggas that wear skinny jeans and listen to that trash lil wayne a.k.a THE NIGGA WHO KISSED A GROWN MAN a.k.a rockstar/rapstar/skateboarder/POSER are the same people hating on a real nigga mac miller. all i do is smoke weed and chill out to his music its good believe that

    • http://None Dun

      Kkaby dats rubbish. Lil wayne same rapper kissed grown man has four kids with four diff girl…wat does dat make u. Mac miller is personally an avrg rapper but he makes his fan feel special dats why he on cover…tech9 lyk joe budden good but fan dry

  • dj one day

    It is my opinion, that Mac Miller May surprise alot of people once given the chance..but that glory isnt Millers…It’s success is because some one and some people had faith and hoped Miller would stand righteous in his endeavors…And passed the blessing to him so he could not lose hope and know God is good! Cant even compare Tech to Mac because there isnt any comparrison! Tech has earned his titled from many years of sacrifice and hard work.All his artist’s at strange earned their position and nobody has a right to take that accomplishment away.