Jadakiss is supporting Irv Gotti's bid for Def Jam President.

The Yonkers MC, who is signed to the label, told MTV News that Irv's honesty is what made him a believer.

"He said a lot of stuff that doesn't get said," Jada-Muah said. "He was able to [vent] without hating on the record labels or channeling any hate. ... Everything he said — me being on the inside looking out and him being on the inside looking out but now on the outside looking in — I think he nailed every point. I think everything he said was excellent, and almost everything was true."

The Kiss the Game Goodbye rapper also added that while he hasn't told anyone at the label about his support for Gotti for President, he does agree with the Murder Inc. honcho that label executives need to do a better job at relating to and earning the trust of their artists.

"Def Jam and every other label, it ain't that they're bad record labels; it's just sometimes they don't understand the artists that they have," Jada explained. "It's hard for somebody ... when you not coming where I'm from every day. ... You live a whole totally different life than me, but you telling me this ain't the record. That ain't really what's up, and that sometimes happens. It doesn't always happen, but sometimes that's what happens, and that be the conflict of interest.

Jada isn't the only hip-hop figure backing Irv Gotti's campaign; Russell Simmons has also expressed his support for Gotti's run for Def Jam president.—Gina Montana