[Editor's Note: After three weeks since his last update, the former XXL freshman returns to journal his experiences on the road, including performing overseas, working on upcoming projects, and the first thing he plans on doing when the tour is over.]

Performing Overseas: The tour’s been [going] good. Shits been bangin. A lot of sold out shows, seen a lot of places. We [went to] Paris, London and them shows was a hell of an experience. The energy over there is just hype as hell. They go nuts I tell you. [Overall] it was just an experience to be looking at the Eiffel Tower, realizing like this is where rap got me. This is where the thing a lot of people told me wouldn’t get me nowhere, got me.

My Mom’s Thoughts On Performing Overseas: [My mom] always gets excited over stuff. She makes sure that I’m appreciative and know what I’m doing. She’s [been] calling me a lot and talking about different places to go and all sorts of stuff. She’s been [over there] herself so, she knows a lot about London and Paris and [other] places like that. I know I’m going back to London next month to do a big radio show there, so its gonna be crazy.

Best Advice I Got From Mom this Week: She always [tells me] to make sure you think about where you wanna be and keep focused. Enjoy the moments and don’t ever get caught up in moments you don’t enjoy.

A month in on this tour: I’ve been learning a lot, going to different places, seeing different things as a person and it’s [been] a great experience. Best times of my life so, I’m enjoying it taking it all in for sure. [Although] I’m tired as hell everyday all I really wanna do is touch the people. I [can’t] wait to get back in the studio to make and keep this music coming for sure.

Once the tour is over: The first thing I'm gonna do is sit in my crib [and] kick it for just three days. I wanna [watch] movies, smoke, drink , and kick it. I [don’t wanna] worry about anything. Right [after that] I’ll get back to it. Probably put this mixtape out, finish my parts on this G.O.O.D Music Album and then really get in the zone of my next album for the next couple months and dominate cause its takeover time after that.

Other Projects: [I've been] working hard as hell on new music. I can’t wait to come shit on them [with] this next album. I really wanna get more introspective [and] tell more stories on this album. I feel like I really got a good relationship with radio now so, it may be more open to shit they necessarily [don’t] be open to at first. I cant wait to really let people know what's good. —As told to Ralph Bristout @ralphieblackmon