Fat Joe Believes Hip-Hop is Owned By “Gay Mafia” [Video]

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  • josh

    I don’t get why people trip over V-Nasty saying nigga, but everyone is cool about Fat Joe saying it..

    • Katt

      Nobody has the right, to throw racial slurs! Plus, Puerto Rican ppl have African American in them!

  • http://twitter.com/landuwuznthere lanwuzhere

    I’ve always thought there were Hip-Hop artist who were gay….. What he said makes since though. In this overly homophobic genre I wouldn’t be surprised if the ppl signing checks, giving radio play, awards, hell even designers were blatant homosexuals…

  • 2below

    fat joe can say nigga cause he’s puerto rican and from the bx. v nasty is a stank ass cracker from california. If you don’t know the history of puerto ricans and blacks in the east read up

    • Katt

      Fat Joe has no right to us the word either, nobody has a card to use it because in all actuality everyone on this earth has a little Ni$$a in them because we don’t know everything, some has more than other. So when choosing word ppl need to choose them wisely! His ass is disrespectful to himself as well as ppl who get offended by the word!

  • Sean Izzle

    Real talk from Fat Joe! if u listen closely u see he clearly knows what hes talking about. Fat Joe is an industry insider, been in the game for a very long time :I He def has that real NY accent ahahah props to Fat Joe


      This dude is the ring leader of gay rappers, dont know why he is tryin to cover it up. Joey ass crack. Bum ass dude, he is only good for a hit song once every ten years.

  • p-bill

    the title of this gives the wrong impression on what fat joe is tryna say, real talk from fat joe