Fans Vote: Is a Gucci Mane and V-Nasty Album a Good Idea? [Poll Results]

The people have spoken: a Gucci Mane and a V-Nasty collaborative LP isn’t exactly what hip-hop listeners want to hear, at least according to our poll results. Check them out below:

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  • Decatur GA BOI

    Nothing with Gucci MANE is worth listening too.

  • gattmouth

    In my opinion Gucci is not a real rapper but I will say V-Nasty makes him sound a hundred times better than he is cuz that chick has no talent when it comes to rap and for the life of me im trying to figure out where she came from. In my local area I know at least 4 white girl rappers that would murder her or her little buddy and im in South Bend, IN not Oakland, CA.

  • steve

    v nasty goes hard in the streets just ask those CO’S in the bay she used to beat on them when she was locked up thats why they aint fuck with officer william

  • d

    ^^^^VNasty don’t ‘go hard’ any fuckin where man! Fuck outta here. Bitch is wack as fuck and “freestyle’s” like a fuckin 3rd grader. Biggin up Vnasty is some of the saddest shit i’ve seen on XXL, except maybe all the coverage Lil B gets, that shit is depressing considering you got cats like Jon Connor and Reek Da Villiain, Reks, KLamar, etc out there that cant’ get a mention!

  • $yk

    seriously…how is it even possible if son is still in jail? Like this is what’s hot in the streets to do IMMEDIATELY once you come home? Whenever that date is set? Either a publicity stunt, or Deb sold them some verses to get that street cred up.